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Quotes left.png Today I found something. A fallen structure that transports the mind to sanitariums and institutions. But it brings me no ease, but rather I feel entrapped. Beds and cabinets are scattered about whatever this place might be. Even though it is filled with hiding places, I’ll avoid it. Quotes right.png
~ Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)

克洛普瑞恩疯人院 is one of 2 Realms within Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.

It was implemented into the Game alongside the release of CHAPTER I: The Last Breath Chapter on 18 August 2016.


The Realm consists of 2 Maps and is set in an asylum theme. The Realm's prominent colour palette is grey.

The two Maps available in this Realm are the Disturbed Ward and Father Campbell's Chapel.



There is insanity, and then there are minds that are so severely distorted that they cease being humans. Instead they end up a feral, living, unwanted thing. These people must be "stored" somewhere, and that's where the Crotus Prenn Asylum plays a crucial role. Established in 1857, Crotus Prenn was originally a hospital, but as the need of storage grew, it was turned into an insane asylum. Crotus Prenn is a place riddled with tall tales that aren't even close to the reality that takes place within its walls. It was never the biggest asylum, but the one that held the most violent and warped minds the country had ever met.

But it was not the residents that etched the name Crotus Prenn into the history books. Instead it was the mass homicide where over fifty patients were found dead in their beds. The building was abandoned shortly after that. Investigators had no answers, and the town's folk became more and more worried as rumours talked about a woman still living inside the asylum. Finally, one night, smoke rose from the woods as Crotus Prenn had been set ablaze. The bystanders did nothing. They just let it burn.


Disturbed Ward
IconMap Asy Asylum.png
Father Campbell's Chapel
IconMap Asy Chapel.png


Patch 2.0.0[]


  • In the game files, the 克洛普瑞恩疯人院 Realm is being referred to under the name Asylum.
  • There is also an unreleased Map that can be found in the game files:
    • Infinite Gym

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