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不痛不痒是一個大卫·金 SurvivorDavid.png可傳授的技能 IconHelp perks.png
40級以後該技能可解鎖,可傳授版本會出現在其他角色的血網 IconHelp bloodweb.png中。

圖示 I II III 描述
0 % 25 % 50 % 整场游戏你处于不治 IconStatusEffects broken.png状态。你的血液凝结速度出奇的快。
  • 你不会留下大片血迹
  • 任何时候你的哀嚎声都会降低0/25/50 %。
  • 可自行从濒死状态 IconHelp dying.png治疗至受伤状态。


4,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png 5,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png 6,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png

圖示 可傳授版本 描述
0 % 解锁这技能会让它在所有逃生者的血网中可能出现。


  • 你不会留下大片血迹
  • 任何时候你的哀嚎声都会降低0 %
  • 可自行从濒死状态治疗至受伤状态。



5,000IconHelp bloodpoints.png



图标 I II III 描述
IconPerks noMither.png 0 % 25 % 50 % 在我小的时候,这都不算什么。以受伤状态进入游戏,且无法被治愈至健康状态。你的血液凝结速度出奇的快。
  • 你无法被治疗至健康状态。
  • 你不会留下大片血迹。
  • 任何时候你的哀嚎声都会降低0/25/50 %
  • 可自行从濒死状态治疗至受伤状态。


  • The ability to infinitely recover from the dying state, and be stealthy doing so makes this Perk one of the most effective methods of countering the slugging strategy.
    • However, as you are injured from the very beginning of the game, the Killer will know that you are running this Perk and most likely not leave you lying around.
    • Even if the Killer does leave you on the ground, the bleed-out timer is only 4 minutes. This means that can only get up a maximum of 7 times by yourself if you recover immediately unless you also have Unbreakable IconPerks unbreakable.png equipped, which accelerates the recovery time, in which case you will be able to get up a maximum of 9 times.
    • Can be paired with Decisive Strike IconPerks decisiveStrike.png to nullify its only weakness (slugging), while also nullifying one of 不痛不痒's own weaknesses.
    • Very useful in hatch search situations in which the Killer usually leaves one person on the ground to look for the last Survivor.
  • It is also advised to combine it with Perks such as Resilience IconPerks resilience.png, This Is Not Happening IconPerks thisIsNotHappening.png and Dead Hard IconPerks deadHard.png in order to fully utilise their effects.
  • When the Killer runs Thanatophobia IconPerks thanatophobia.png, all Survivors get a constant de-buff to their repair, healing and sabotage speed.
  • Good in combination with Tenacity IconPerks tenacity.png as you can crawl away and recover at the same time.


  • The Perk was originally to be called Just A Scratch according to an interview with Mathieu Cote (Producer).
  • Using this Perk will give you a unique icon in the Status Bar in the lower left corner of your screen, informing the other Survivors and the Killer that you run that Perk.
  • Unlike Iron Will IconPerks ironWill.png, the noise reduction from this Perk's Tiers II & III also applies when you are in Dying State IconHelp dying.png.
  • 不痛不痒 effectively cancels out Self-Care IconPerks selfCare.png, so one shouldn't use both Perks at the same time.
  • Full recovery will take 32 seconds without the help of additional Perks or of other Survivors.
  • Because of the blood on the ground disappearing almost instantly, 不痛不痒 counters Bloodhound IconPerks bloodhound.png.