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"Restraint" are a range of Add-ons IconHelp addons in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo for Carter's Spark IconPowers cartersSpark, The Doctor's Power.

Affliction: Longer Illusionary Doctors[ | ]

The "Restraint" Add-on Range increases the time Survivors afflicted by Madness IconStatusEffects madness see Illusionary Doctors.

The Doctor will share into the Survivors' hallucinations and see the Illusionary Doctors with a yellow Aura IconHelp auras already from Madness II onwards instead of just at Madness III.

He can use this to keep tabs on a Survivor's general location on the map and hiding will become very difficult for the Survivors.

Illusionary Doctors can be dispelled by the afflicted Survivor by walking into them.

Add-ons[ | ]

There are currently 3 types of "Restraint" Add-ons:

Icon Name Stacks? Tinkerer? Rarity Description
FulliconAddon restraintClassII
"Restraint" - Class II
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FulliconAddon restraintClassIII
"Restraint" - Class III
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FulliconAddon restraintCartersNotes
"Restraint" - Carter's Notes
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Gallery[ | ]