Worship Tablet is a Very Rare Vile Purge IconPowers vilePurge.png Add-on IconHelp addons.png .

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Icon Description Cost
FulliconAddon worshipTablet.png
Worship Tablet
A stone tablet adorned with gold, showing the drawings and writings of a corrupted incantation used originally to worship forgotten deities.
  • Moderately increases (+100 %) the Activation speed of Pools of Devotion IconHelp poolsOfDevotion.png .
  • Moderately increases (x1.022 (+~0.065; applied to current base Movement speed)) Movement speed while holding Corrupt Purge.
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  • Increases The Plague's Movement speed modifier for holding Corrupt Purge to x1.022, effectively increasing her speed to 4.7 m/s.
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