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Workshop Grease is a Common Jigsaw's Baptism IconPowers jigsawsBaptism.png Add-on IconHelp addons.png.

Icon Description Cost
Workshop Grease A simple tube of grease, used to lubricate the mechanisms of the hidden blade.
  • Increases the Charge speed of the Ambush Dash by +50 %.
  • Reduces the Cool-down time of missed Ambush Dash Attacks by -25 %.

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Version 1.9.0[]

Icon Description
FulliconAddon workshopGrease C.png A modification to the Jigsaw Box: the lubricated parts make the search a more delicate exercise.

Change Log[]

Patch 5.3.0[]

  • Rework: now increases Ambush charge speed by 50%, and decreases Ambush miss cooldown by 25%.
  • Change: upped the Rarity from Common FulliconAddon workshopGrease C.png to Uncommon FulliconAddon workshopGrease.png