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Winter Solstice 2018 is an Event in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo that lasted from 17 December 2018 to 3 January 2019.

It kicked off the in-game celebrations in honour of the Winter Solstice of 2018.


Its occurrence was leaked by the new Customisation Options added during the Patch 2.4.0 Public Test Build.

Blood Hunt[]

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It was accompanied by a Blood Hunt which started on the 27th.

UI Changes[]

WinterSolsticeUI 2018
  • The Event reuses the assets and the Theme Music from the previous Winter Solstice. It adds a new Winter-themed Menu Screen, new Props, such as snow piles, lanterns, snowmen and blinking lights, and changes the Fog VFX and lighting.

Prop Changes[]

  • The Hooks, Barrels and Lockers also receive a new look.

New Content[]

  • It adds the following new Content to the Game:



  • The new original Killers (meaning non-licensed), released since the Winter Solstice 2017 Event, received a new Head customisation, Frosty Eyes, blue eyes akin to the All Hallows' Eyes for the original three Killers.
  • All original survivors (non-licensed and up to that current time) featured an "Ugly Sweater" Torso Cosmetic, available in the In-Game Store for 250 Auric CellsAuricCells Icon or 4500 Iridescent ShardsIcon iridescentShards.

Killer Frosty Eyes[]

The Clown[]
GK charSelect portrait
The Spirit[]
HK charSelect portrait
The Legion[]
KK charSelect portrait

Ugly Sweaters[]

Dwight Fairfield[]
DF charSelect portrait
Snack Time
Meg Thomas[]
MT charSelect portrait
Buzzer Beater
Claudette Morel[]
CM charSelect portrait
Earthly Delights
Jake Park[]
JP charSelect portrait
Happy Ending
Nea Karlsson[]
NK charSelect portrait
Cat Lady
Ace Visconti[]
AV charSelect portrait
Four Pips
Feng Min[]
FM charSelect portrait
Gamer Cred
David King[]
DK charSelect portrait
Rugby Shirt
Kate Denson[]
GS charSelect portrait
Mustang Sally
Adam Francis[]
HS charSelect portrait
Teacher's Pet
Jeffrey "Jeff" Johansen[]
KS charSelect portrait
Death's Head
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