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Windows are a type of obstacle in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.


They are the standard hole-in-a-wall which Players can quickly climb (vault) through to try and lose the Killer. They are common features in every trial, and can appear in the derelict walls that surround the Map or in and around landmarks.


In order to vault over a Window, both Killers IconHelpLoading killer.png and Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png must walk up to it and press SPACE (PC), R1 (PS4), RB (Xbox), or R (Switch).

Whereas the Killer usually only has a slow vaulting speed (with some exceptions), Survivors are able to vault Windows at three different speeds:

Fast Vault

If a Survivor runs straight towards a Window for at least 2.5 metres, they will quickly vault over the Window and continue running without losing speed.

  • This vault will take 0.5 seconds.
  • This type of vault is considered a rushed action and will alert the Killer with a noise notification.

Medium Vault

If a Survivor attempts to quickly climb through a Window but they don't have enough momentum or do it at an angle, they will quickly climb over the Window but with more of their body exposed, making it easier for the Killer to hit them from a distance.

  • This vault will take 0.9 seconds.
  • This type of vault is also considered a rushed action and will also alert the Killer.

Slow Vault

If a Survivor walks up to a Window and climbs through it, the vault will be slow and quiet.

  • This vault will take 1.5 seconds.
  • This type of vault will not alert the Killer.
    • It still makes a quiet noise that can be identified by experienced Killers if they are close enough to hear it.

Window Grab

Any injured Survivor can be grabbed mid-vault by the Killer and hoisted directly onto their shoulder by tapping the attack button (default: M1, R2, or RT), putting them instantly into the Dying State IconHelp dying.png upon a drop.

Entity Blocker

If a chased Survivor rush vaults the same Window thrice during the same Chase, The Entity IconHelp entity.png will temporarily block it for that Survivor for 30 seconds. Other Survivors and the Killer can still vault the Window and are unaffected by the Blocker.

If a Survivor vaults a blocked Window just as it becomes unblocked near the Killer, it will be blocked on the first vault, as opposed to the three vaults. The vault counter only resets after the offending Survivor refrained from vaulting the recently unblocked Window for another 30 seconds.

There is a Window of 5 seconds after escaping a Chase in which a rushed vault will still trigger the Entity Blocker.

Interaction with Perks

The following Perks interact with Windows:

Survivor Perks

Dance With Me}} Dance With Me

When performing a fast vault or leaving a Locker IconHelp lockers.png in a sprint, you will not leave any Scratch Marks IconHelp scratchMarks.png for 3 seconds.

Dance With Me has a cool-down of 60/50/40 seconds.

"Another show's off and runnin',
Dance with me, cuz there's a storm a commin'
Follow my boots, try to keep up,
Dance with me, until sun up."
— Kate Denson's "Dance With Me"

Lithe}} Lithe

After performing a rushed vault, break into a sprint at 150 % of your normal running speed for a maximum of 3 seconds.

Causes the Exhausted IconStatusEffects exhausted.png Status Effect for 60/50/40 seconds.

Lithe cannot be used when Exhausted.

You do not recover from Exhaustion while running.

"U mad?" — Feng Min

Quick & Quiet}} Quick & Quiet

You do not make as much noise as others when quickly vaulting over obstacles or hiding in Lockers IconHelp lockers.png.

The vault and hide actions' noise detection and audio range is reduced by 100 %.

Quick & Quiet can only be triggered once every 30/25/20 seconds.

Resilience}} Resilience

You are motivated in dire situations.

Grants 3/6/9 % increased Repairing, Healing, Sabotage, Unhooking, Vaulting, Cleansing, Gate Opening, and Chest Unlocking speeds while Injured IconHelp injured.png.

"Focus, even in these desperate times."

Spine Chill}} Spine Chill

An unnatural tingle warns you of impending doom.

Get notified when the Killer is looking directly in your direction and standing within a range of 36 metres.

While Spine Chill is active, Skill Check trigger odds are increased by 10 % with success zones reduced by 10 %.

While Spine Chill is active, your Repair, Healing, Sabotage, Unhooking, Vaulting, Cleansing, Exit Gate Opening, and Chest Unlocking speeds are increased by 2/4/6 %.

"There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen.." — Sassy, The Lost Tapes

Windows of Opportunity}} Windows of Opportunity

Unlocks potential in one's Aura-reading ability.

Auras of Pallets IconHelp pullDown.png, Breakable Walls IconHelp breakableDoors.png, and Vaults are revealed to you when within a range of 20 metres.

Windows of Opportunity has a cool-down of 30/25/20 seconds when vaulting or dropping a Pallet during a Chase.

"Rise and shine, work hard, carve out your name,
Take aim, pull the trigger, hit the bulls eye for fame,
Know the value of faith, an' family, and don't you complain,
Open wide, your windows of opportunity"
— Kate Denson's "Windows of Opportunity"

Killer Perks

Bamboozle}} Bamboozle

Your Vault speed is 5/10/15 % faster.

Performing a Vault action calls upon The Entity IconHelp entity.png to block that Vault location for 8/12/16 seconds.

Only one Vault location may be blocked this way at any given time. The Vault location is blocked only for Survivors.

Bamboozle does not affect Pallets IconHelp pullDown.png.

Cruel Limits}} Cruel Limits

Your ties to the otherworldly manifest when your prey attempts to get away.

Each time a Generator IconHelpLoading generators.png is repaired, all Windows IconHelp window.png and vault locations within a radius of 32 metres from the completed Generator are blocked for all Survivors for the next 20/25/30 seconds.

"The specimen seems to be able to affect the state of nearby objects, as if they existed in some other form within a dimension alternate to our own." — Hawkins National Laboratory

Fire Up}} Fire Up

The increased pressure of losing your preys fills you with anger and gives you unsuspected motivation.

Each time the Survivors complete repairs on a Generator, Fire Up grows in power.

  • For each Generator completed, gain a stack-able 3/3.5/4 % buff to Picking-up, Dropping, Pallet breaking, Breakable-Wall breaking, Generator damaging, and Vaulting speeds for the remainder of the Trial.

"Now why don't you just fucking die?" — Freddy Krueger

I'm All Ears}} I'm All Ears

Your keen senses are sharpened in the dark Realm of The Entity IconHelp entity.png.

Unlocks potential in one's Aura-reading ability.

Any Survivor performing a rushed action within 48 metres from your location will have their Aura IconHelp auras.png revealed to you for 6 seconds.

I'm All Ears can only be triggered once every 60/50/40 seconds.

"There is no need to worry. I've been preparing my whole life for this. — The Ghost Face"

Zanshin Tactics}} Zanshin Tactics

Unlocks potential in one's Aura-reading ability.

You are mentally alert and aware of key points on the battlefield.

The Auras IconHelp auras.png of all Pallets IconHelp pullDown.png, Breakable Walls IconHelp breakableDoors.png, and Vaults IconHelp window.png are revealed to you within a range of 24 metres.

When a Survivor is damaged, Zanshin Tactics becomes inactive for 40/35/30 seconds.

"Within your enemy's strength is weakness." — Renjiro's Doctrine 12:5

Change Log

Patch 1.1.2

  • Added the Window Blocker mechanic.

Patch 2.0.0

  • All Killers now vault Windows in 1.7 seconds.

Patch 2.3.0

  • Survivors must now run straight at a Window with at least 2.5 metres of clearance in order to fast-vault.

Patch 2.5.0

  • Medium Vault now has a unique animation to better distinguish it from a fast vault.
  • Medium Vault time decreased from 1 second to 0.9 seconds.
  • Survivors will carry over any momentum they had from before the vault instead of being reset to 0.


  • The Shape, The Wraith (the latter using the Shadow Dance Add-ons) and The Legion are the only Killers with the ability to vault through Windows faster than other Killers, to the point of being only slightly slower or even slightly faster than a medium vault of a Survivor.
  • Only two Perks can make the vault speed of the other Killers faster: Fire Up IconPerks fireUp.png and Bamboozle IconPerks bamboozle.png.
  • Only two Perks can make the vault speed of the Survivors faster: Resilience IconPerks resilience.png and Spine Chill IconPerks spineChill.png.


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