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The following is a list of Weapons features in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.

The Trapper

The Cleaver

The Cleaver is the Primary Weapon of the Trapper. It is a simple, but yet crudely bladed weapon that he hand crafted himself from the metal in his mines. If the Trapper misses an attack with the cleaver, he will stumble because of the brutality of his swing. If he hits a Survivor, he will stop to wipe the blood off of the cleaver with his arm.

Trapper Weapon01.png Trapper Weapon01 P01.png TR Machete01 Addon01.png T Weapon AN.png

The Wraith

Azarov's Skull

Azarov's Skull is the Primary Weapon of the Wraith. When Philip Ojomo (the Wraith) found out that his boss A. Azarov used his car wrecking business to murder people, Philip threw his boss into the crusher. When he saw his boss in a tiny cube, he pulled the skull and spine out of the bones. Ojomo made this into a dangerous weapon after disappearing forever, and subsequently became the Wraith.

Wraith Weapon01.png Wraith Weapon01 P01.png WR Machete02 Addon01.png W MBA AN.png

The Hillbilly

The Hammer

The Hammer is the Primary Weapon of the Hillbilly. It is a very old, crude, and longly used hammer. The Hillbilly twists the hammer into the air, making sure he'll use the other side of the hammer at the next hit, so the blood can drip off of it.

Crooked Weapon01.png Crooked Weapon01 P01.png HB Hammer01 Addon01.png HB MSM AN.png

The Nurse

The Bonesaw

The Bonesaw is the Primary Weapon of the Nurse. When she attacks, she pushes her whole body into the swing. When hitting a survivor, she wipes the blood off with her left hand.

Nurse Weapon01.pngNurse Weapon01 P01.png NR BoneSaw01 Addon01.png NR MBS AN.png

The Shape

Kitchen Knife

The Kitchen Knife is the Primary Weapon of the Shape. An oversized blade with devastatingly sharp edges. After landing a successful hit on a Survivor, The Shape will examine the knife.

MM Knife01.png MM Knife01 P01.png

The Hag

The Claw

The Hag was the first Killer implemented into the game who did not use a Weapon, but rather her own Claw. Unlike other Killers, when she hits a Survivor, she lets the blood drip off of her claw and into her mouth.

HA Claw01.pngHA Claw01 P01.png

The Doctor

The Stick

The Stick is the Primary Weapon of the Doctor. An instrument of punishment when all other treatments failed.

The Doctor gently taps the stick in its left hand after successfully hitting a Survivor.

DO Stick01.png DO Stick01 01.png DO Stick01 P01.png

The Huntress

Broad Axe

The Broad Axe is the Primary Weapon of The Huntress. A traditional axe with a large and heavy head, suitable for squaring logs and planks.

BE W01.png BE W01 P01.png

The Cannibal

The Sledge

The Sledge is the Primary Weapon of the Cannibal. The Sledge might be old-fashioned but it is still the fastest and cleanest way to put down cattle.

CA W01.png CA W01 P01.png

The Nightmare

Clawed Glove

The Clawed Glove is the Primary Weapon of the Nightmare. A homemade device, crafted to torture and kill.

SD W01.png SD W01 P01.png

The Pig

Hidden Blade

The Hidden Blade is the Primary Weapon of the Pig. A razor-sharp blade, attached to a mechanical contraption that can conceal or extend it.

FK W01.png FK W01 P01.png

The Clown

Madame Butterfly

Madame Butterfly is the Primary Weapon of The Clown. An oversized butterfly knife, as accustomed to inflicting torture and pain as it is to removing limbs and appendages.

GK W01.png GK W01 P01.png

The Spirit

Shattered Katana

The Shattered Katana is the Primary Weapon of The Spirit. It materialises into her hand whenever she makes use of it. A single-edged straight sword handed down from generation to generation. The blade shattered after spilling the blood of her kin.

HK W01.png HK W01 P01.png

The Legion

Hunting Knife

The Hunting Knife is the Primary Weapon of The Legion. A sharp blade with a jagged saw back and textured handle.

After a successful hit, The Legion will wipe the blade on their sleeve.

KK W01.png KK W01 P01.png

The Plague

Profane Censer

The Profane Censer is the Primary Weapon of The Plague. It exudes the sweet fragrances of the Gardens the Priestess used to tend to.

MK W01.png MK W01 P01.png

The Ghost Face

Tactical Knife

The Tactical Knife is the Primary Weapon of The Ghost Face. See how the streetlights glint on the razor-sharp edge? Anyone should feel honoured to feel it sliding through their rib cage.

After hitting a Survivor, The Ghost Face will wipe the blood off the Tactical Knife by gripping the blade's base and wiping the blood outwards.

OK W01.png OK W01 P01.png

The Demogorgon

Barbarous Claw

A gargantuan hand of immense strength. Its long fingers can brutalise prey.

QK W01.png QK W01 P01.png

The Oni

Yamaoka Blade

A long blade that was passed down from one generation to another.

When The Oni wounds a Survivor, he will swing the Katana on its side to remove the blood.

SK W01.png Sk W01 P01.png

The Deathslinger

Death to Bayshore

A sharp weapon with a strong bite. A modification of Caleb's railroad spike launcher made in his workshop after he was freed from prison.

After wounding a Survivor, The Deathslinger will wipe the blood off from the trigger housing group using his left thumb.

UK W01.png UK W01 P01.png

The Executioner

Great Knife

A massive chef's knife to reap affliction and misery from his victims.

Due to the weight of the Weapon, The Executioner has to readjust the Great Knife after swinging it.

K20 Weapon01.png K20 W01 P01.png

The Blight


An elegant accessory, specially weighted to deliver a deceptively brutal blow.

YK W01.png K21 W01 P01.png

The Twins

Blade of Marseille

Tales warned of a demon who skulked the gutters of Marseille with a shimmering blade in hand.
In reality, it was a battered sickle Charlotte stole from a farmer's home and modified to her liking.

K22 W01.png K22 W01 P01.png