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Twisted Masquerade is a recurring Anniversary Event in Dead by DaylightIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogoIconHelp DBDlogo, celebrating the Game's Anniversary in June.

Twisted Masquerade 2024 was the third iteration of the Event.
It started on 13 June 2024 and lasted for three weeks until 4 July 2024.

Its pre-event, Before the Masquerade, started a month prior, on 14 May 2024, and lasted right up to the beginning of the Twisted Masquerade itself.

In-Game Changes[]

TwistedMasquerade2024 TitleScreen
TwistedMasquerade2024 MainMenu
TwistedMasquerade2024 PopUp

Event Offering[]

IconFavors screechCobbler
Screech Cobbler THIS OFFERING IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE (This Unlockable no longer spawns in the Bloodweb and can no longer be used in Trials, being greyed-out in the inventory.
It may temporarily return during an Event.

If you listen really closely, you can almost hear it screaming for more ice cream.

  • Grants 108 % bonus Bloodpoints in all Categories to all Players.
  • Increases the Reveal distance of Masquerade Pillar AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras by +8 metres.
  • Increases the number of ChestsIconHelp chestsIconHelp chestsIconHelp chests by +1.

Screech Cobbler is only available during the Eighth Year Anniversary Event.

"Happy anniversary! Hope this comfort food isn't too... discomforting." — The Dead by Daylight Team

Event Items[]

IconItems masqueradeFlashlight
Masquerade Flashlight THIS ITEM CAN NO LONGER BE OBTAINED FROM THE BLOODWEB (This Unlockable no longer spawns in the Bloodweb, but stockpiles of it can still be used in Trials.)

Not even a mask can protect you from this Flashlight's bright beam.

  • Press the Use Item button to light the Flashlight for up to 8 seconds.

The Masquerade Flashlight is only available during Anniversary Events.

""Happy Anniversary! The future looks bright!" — The Dead by Daylight Team"

IconItems masqueradeMedKit
Masquerade Med-Kit THIS ITEM CAN NO LONGER BE OBTAINED FROM THE BLOODWEB (This Unlockable no longer spawns in the Bloodweb, but stockpiles of it can still be used in Trials.)

A festive Med-Kit with a shocking surprise, giving a whole new meaning to the term "Health Scare".

  • Increased confetti of +100 %.

Can be used to heal other Survivors:

  • Increased Altruistic Healing speed of +40 %.

Unlocks the Self-Heal action:

  • Reduced Personal Healing speed of -33 %.
  • Reduced Item efficiency of -33 %.

The Masquerade Med-Kit has a Capacity of 24 Charges.

The Masquerade Med-Kit is only available during Anniversary Events.

"Happy Anniversary! To your health!" — The Dead by Daylight Team

IconItems masqueradeToolbox
Masquerade Toolbox THIS ITEM CAN NO LONGER BE OBTAINED FROM THE BLOODWEB (This Unlockable no longer spawns in the Bloodweb, but stockpiles of it can still be used in Trials.)

A Toolbox with all of the standard gadgets: wrenches, screwdrivers, fireworks, a hammer...

  • Increased Generator Repair speed of +50 %.
  • Detonates a firework once depleted.
  • Unlocks the Sabotage action.
  • Increased Hook Sabotage speed of +50 %.

The Masquerade Toolbox has a Capacity of 32 Charges.

The Masquerade Toolbox is only available during Anniversary Events.

"Happy Anniversary! We're fixin' to have a big party!" — The Dead by Daylight Team

Secret Dev Message[]

One of the loading screen messages by the Developer Team featured a riddle by Gameplay Programmer Daniel:

(4-1706-48) (1-1241-39) (3-2433-28) (2-344-149) (1-1242-51) (3-2116-110). The solution is the question. See you in The Fog. <3

It was swiftly identified as an Ottendorf Cipher, in which the first number of the cipher refers to a specific Tome, the second number to a specific Memory within that Tome, and the third number to a specific word within that Memory.

As an example, the sixth cipher points to the 110th word of Memory 2116 in Tome 3 - Escalation: Secrets.

Combining the words from all six ciphers forms the following message: A miserable little pile of secrets.
This is a reference to the upcoming Castlevania Chapter.

The full quote reads as follows: "What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets!".


Main article: Tryks

The third iteration of the Twisted Masquerade features Tryks, also known as Jezabel or the The Mad Designer.

She is the host of the Twisted Masquerade and was mentioned in Lore entries of the previous Events.
She is a biggest fan of The Entity and holds the celebration in her honour.

She is not a playable Character, just occasionally appears to engage everybody in the celebrations with voice-lines.

Gameplay Mechanics[]

For the third iteration of the Twisted Masquerade and as a first for an Event, the Gameplay is delegated into its own separate queue, akin to the Modifiers that were introduced earlier that year.

This allows Players not wishing to participate in the Event activities to continue playing regular Trials.

Only Twisted Masquerade Trials will feature the Gameplay changes and mechanics listed below:

Bag of Tryks[]

All Event Trials use the newly introduced Bag of Tryks mechanic.

The Bag of Tryks, named so after Tryks, is not a physical, interactable object, but rather a mechanic that triggers Tryks, which imbue Players with various special effects and can temporarily modify the main gameplay objectives.

The first Tryk is activated right at the start of the Trial.
All subsequent Tryks must be triggered by Players progressing their main objective (i.e. completing a Generator or hooking a Survivor for the first time), so-called Party Events.

A new Tryk is activated after triggering 2 Party Events, which are tracked by two shield icons displayed beneath the Tryk icons.

The Bag of Tryks always displays two icons: that of the currently active Tryk and that of the next one to activate, giving Players the opportunity to prepare themselves for the next effect.

The Bag of Tryks mechanic is disabled during the Endgame CollapseIconHelp endGameIconHelp endGameIconHelp endGame.

Tryks Effects[]

The Bag of Tryks is a literal mixed bag: granting both good DBD UI Icon CheckMark and bad DBD UI Icon X effects to all Players in the Trial, as well as possibly a neutral one NaN:

Icon Name Type Effect
IconEventTryks GainCharge You're Invited! DBD UI Icon CheckMark Grants +1 Token towards the Twisted Skills to all Players.
IconEventTryks MoveOrLose Move It or Lose It! Grants a +30 % HasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects haste Status Effect for 60 seconds to all Players.
IconEventTryks PartyTotems Party Totem! All Dull TotemsIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totemIconHelpLoading totem are converted into Anniversary Totems, glowing in a festive blue and gold tint.
Successfully channelling an Anniversary Totem applies the following effects to the Player:
  • Grants bonus BloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpointsIconCurrency bloodpoints.
  • Grants a +30 % HasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects hasteIconStatusEffects haste Status Effect for 5 seconds.
  • Reveals their AuraIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras to the opposing side for 5 seconds.

Failing to channel an Anniversary Totem by interrupting the interaction only grants bonus Bloodpoints.

An Anniversary Totem converts back into a Dull Totem after granting its gift.

IconEventTryks PartyChest Party Chest! All unopened ChestsIconHelp chestsIconHelp chestsIconHelp chests are converted into Anniversary Chests, glowing in a festive blue and gold tint when within 8 metres of them.

All Anniversary Chests automatically open in an explosion of festive confetti after 60 seconds and apply the following effects to all Players who are within their Aura-range at that moment:

  • Causes Survivors to scream and suffer from a -25 % HinderedIconStatusEffects hinderedIconStatusEffects hinderedIconStatusEffects hindered Status Effect for 4 seconds.
  • Causes the Killer to be stunned in place.

Opening an Anniversary Chest before the Tryk expires guarantees a random Anniversary Item.

IconEventTryks ZzlZilch Zzl Zilch! NaN Nothing happened, you got Tryks!
IconEventTryks LoseCharge No Invite for You! DBD UI Icon X Removes -1 Token from the Twisted Skills of all Players.
IconEventTryks Peekaboo Peekaboo! Reveals all Player AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras for 8 seconds.
IconEventTryks HealExpose Heal You, Expose You! Causes all Survivors to heal by +1 Health StateIconStatusEffects healingIconStatusEffects healingIconStatusEffects healing or become Mended when suffering from the Deep WoundIconStatusEffects deepWoundIconStatusEffects deepWoundIconStatusEffects deepWound Status Effect, but then causes all Survivors to suffer from the ExposedIconStatusEffects exposedIconStatusEffects exposedIconStatusEffects exposed Status Effect for the next 30 seconds.
IconEventTryks WaitWhere Wait, Where...? Suppresses the Terror RadiusIconHelp terrorRadiusIconHelp terrorRadiusIconHelp terrorRadius of the Killer and the creation of Scratch MarksIconHelp scratchMarksIconHelp scratchMarksIconHelp scratchMarks of Survivors for the next 30 seconds.

Masquerade Pillar[]

All Event Trials also spawn, as in previous years, the Masquerade PillarIconHelp crownPillar5AIconHelp crownPillar5AIconHelp crownPillar5A with an Invitation ScrollEventIcon invitationScrollEventIcon invitationScrollEventIcon invitationScroll.

The AurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp aurasIconHelp auras of the Masquerade Pillars are revealed to all Players within 8 metres.
Unlike in previous years, there are now multiple Masquerade Pillars in the Trial and they do not de-spawn after interacting with them, but go on a Cool-down instead.

Collecting their Invitation Scrolls grants +1 Token per Scroll towards the special Event Ability: the Twisted Skills, also known this year as the Invitation Abilities.
Compared to their 2023 counterpart, this year's Twisted Skills are slightly modified.

The number of available Tokens is indicated by comet-like fireballs circling the Character's torso, as well as two golden slashes in the top left corner of the screen from the Killer's POV.
Players can accumulate a maximum of 2 Tokens at once.

Unlike in previous years and triggered after collecting the first Invitation Scroll, the Twisted Skills passively charge new Tokens at all times at a rate of +0.015 c/s (~66.667 seconds per Token), with the rate being doubled to +0.03 c/s (~33.333 seconds per Token) whenever the Player is actively engaged in a Chase.

The Twisted Skills are disabled during the Endgame CollapseIconHelp endGameIconHelp endGameIconHelp endGame.

Twisted Skills / Invitation Abilities[]

Main article: Twisted Skills

The Twisted Skills can be activated at the Player's discretion, depending on the selected skill.
The abilities are on Cool-down for 30 seconds after use.

Invitation Abilities — Survivor[]

  • Block Window Vault
    • Can only be activated mid-chase.
    • Causes the target WindowIconHelp windowIconHelp windowIconHelp window to become unvaultable for the Killer for 4 seconds after you vault through it.
  • Set Party Pallet
    • Creates a fragile Party Pallet in an empty Pallet location.
    • Instantly breaks when dropped, but can still stun the Killer if hit — risky to use.
  • Quiet Mode
    • Suppresses the sound of your Grunts of Pain, footsteps and rushed actions, and the creation of Pools of Blood for the next 15 seconds.

Invitation Abilities — Killer[]

  • Endure Stun
    • Can only be activated mid-chase.
    • Grants the EnduranceIconStatusEffects enduranceKillerIconStatusEffects enduranceKillerIconStatusEffects enduranceKiller Status Effect, making the Killer impervious to any Stuns for the next 4 seconds.
  • Remote Destroy
  • Remote Hook
    • Grants the ability to remotely hook a downed Survivor onto the nearest available HookIconHelpLoading hookIconHelpLoading hookIconHelpLoading hook.

Numbers / Values[]


  • Spawn amount: 4
    • This refers to how many Pillars spawn into the Trial at the same time.
  • Base-kit Aura-reveal distance: 8 metres
  • Invitation Offering Aura-reveal distance: 16 metres
    • This requires that the Player burnt a Screech CobblerIconFavors screechCobblerIconFavors screechCobblerIconFavors screechCobbler Offering for the Trial.
  • Interaction time: 0.9 seconds
  • Interaction Cool-down: 15 seconds
    • This refers to how long it takes a Pillar to create a new Invitation to collect.
  • Audio Cue distance: 8 metres
    • This refers to the audible audio cues emitted by the Pillar when Players interact with it or it is currently on Cool-down.

Twisted Skills (Generic):

  • Passive Charge rate outside a Chase: +0.015 c/s
  • Passive Charge rate inside a Chase: +0.03 c/s
  • Carried Charges VFX render distance: 2.5 metres
    • This refers to the comet-like fireballs circling the Player from the POV of other Players.
  • Cool-down time between uses: 30 seconds

Survivor Twisted Skills:

  • Maximum distance to Ability target: 8 metres
  • Maximum Height difference to Ability target: ± 1.5 metres
    • If the difference is greater than this, the target will not be selected despite being in range.

Killer Twisted Skills:

  • Remote Destroy interaction duration: 0.75 seconds
  • Remote Hook interaction delay: 0.3 seconds
    • This refers to the delay between picking up a Survivor and the prompt becoming available.
  • Remote Hook minimum Survivor distance: 4 metres
    • This refers to a buffer zone around potential target Hooks.
      If a Survivor is detected within that zone, then a different Hook will be selected to hook the Survivor onto.
  • Remote Hook Travel time: 0.2 seconds

Bag of Tryks:

  • Card pool: 5 Tryks
  • Base probability: 20 %
  • Prioritised Probability addition: +50 %


  • Maximum Marionette Take-over distance: 16 metres
  • Minimum Visibility duration: 4 seconds
  • Minimum Hiding duration in the Lobby: 10 seconds
  • Maximum Hiding duration in the Lobby: 20 seconds
  • Lobby Voice-over probability: 30 %


EighthYearAnniversary Masks

The Twisted Masquerade 2024, like its predecessors, adds another set of unique Mask cosmetics for several original Characters that can be unlocked during Trials when collecting an Invitation Scroll from the Masquerade PillarIconHelp crownPillar5AIconHelp crownPillar5AIconHelp crownPillar5A.

In order to unlock the Rewards, Players must have at least 1 Token left towards their Twisted Skills when either the Exit Gates or the Hatch are open.

Previous Years' Masks[]

The Masks from previous Twisted Masquerades are purchasable in the In-Game StoreIconHelp storeIconHelp storeIconHelp store for the duration of the Event.

Entity Crowns[]

The Entity Crowns were the featured Cosmetic Rewards for participating in the Fourth Year Anniversary (2020) and the Fifth Year Anniversary (2021), akin to the twisted Masks that now constitute the Cosmetic Rewards of the Twisted Masquerades since 2022.

They can be obtained by redeeming the code PARTYHATS24 in the Store.

Event Log-in Rewards[]

EventBanner 8A LoginRewards

The main Event features a special one-time Log-in Reward: enough Event Currency to purchase 1 Event Outfit.

It also features Daily Log-in Rewards:

Day 1 (June 13 - 14) Day 2 (June 14 - 15) Day 3 (June 15 - 16) Day 4 (June 16 - 17)
IconCurrency bloodpoints
IconCurrency twistedTrinkets
IconCurrency bloodpoints
IconCurrency riftFragments
IconCurrency bloodpoints
Day 5 (June 17 - 18) Day 6 (June 18 - 19) Day 7 (June 19 - 20) Day 8 (June 20 - 21) Day 9 (June 21 - 22)
IconCurrency riftFragments
IconCurrency bloodpoints
IconCurrency riftFragments
IconCurrency bloodpoints
IconCurrency bloodpoints
Day 10 (June 22 - 23) Day 11 (June 23 - 24) Day 12 (June 24 - 25) Day 13 (June 25 - 26) Day 14 (June 26 - 27)
IconCurrency bloodpoints
IconCurrency bloodpoints
IconCurrency bloodpoints
IconCurrency bloodpoints
IconCurrency bloodpoints
Day 15 (June 27 - 28) Day 16 (June 28 - 29) Day 17 (June 29 - 30) Day 18 (June 30 - July 1) Day 19 (July 1 - 2)
IconCurrency bloodpoints
IconCurrency bloodpoints
IconCurrency riftFragments
IconCurrency bloodpoints
IconCurrency riftFragments
Day 20 (July 2 - 3) Day 21 (July 3 - 4)
IconCurrency bloodpoints
IconCurrency riftFragments

Event Tome[]

TwistedMasquerade2024 EventTome

The Twisted Masquerade features a special Event Tome:

Like regular TomesIconHelp archivesCollectionIconHelp archivesCollectionIconHelp archivesCollection, the Event Tome is made up of a mix of Survivor and Killer Challenges.
Additionally, some of the Tome's nodes in the Auris Web unlock a Cosmetic Piece as a Reward for participating in the Event Tome.

The Event Tome features 3 Tome Levels, each with two separate paths through the Auris Web:

Community Path[]

This marks the upper path of the Auris Web.
It features challenges that will add their progression to a community-wide goal.

Personal Path[]

This marks the lower path of the Auris Web.
It functions like a regular path through the Auris Web like in any other Tome.


The Twisted Masquerade 2024 will feature 2 earnable themed Outfits, one for Bill OverbeckSurvivorBillSurvivorBillSurvivorBill and one for The UnknownIconHelpLoading unknownIconHelpLoading unknownIconHelpLoading unknown, as well as themed BadgesIcon badgeIcon badgeIcon badge, BannersIcon bannerIcon bannerIcon banner, and CharmsIcon charmIcon charmIcon charm.

Before the Masquerade[]

In the four weeks leading up to the Twisted Masquerade, the Before the Masquerade takes place, with each week's mini-events focusing on a different era of Dead by Daylight history.

Release Times[]

  • The Daily Log-in Rewards are reset each day @ 15:00 UTC (11:00AM ET).
  • The Weekly Events are reset on Tuesdays at the same time.

Week 1: 14 - 20 May 2024[]

EventBanner beforeTheMasquerade2024 week1

One-Time Log-in Reward[]

Meg Thomas The Huntress
Slouchy Blouse
Tome 11, Tier 39
Winter's Respite
Tome 7, Tier 44
MT Torso005 01 BE Body04 01

Week 2: 21 - 27 May 2024[]

EventBanner beforeTheMasquerade2024 week2

One-Time Log-in Reward[]

Meg Thomas The Huntress
Flowing Flowers
Tome 11, Tier 60
Savage Battle Axe
Tome 7, Tier 15
MT Legs005 01 BE W04 01

Week 3: 28 May - 3 June 2024[]

EventBanner beforeTheMasquerade2024 week3

One-Time Log-in Reward[]

Meg Thomas The Huntress
Platinum Braids
Tome 11, Tier 55
Wretched Bear Skull
Tome 7, Tier 31
MT Head014 01 BE Mask04 01

Week 4: 4 - 13 June 2024[]

EventBanner beforeTheMasquerade2024 week4


  • Compared to previous years, the Event Gameplay of the Twisted Masquerade will be featured in a separate queue, akin to Modifiers, so that Players preferring to play without mechanics such as the Twisted Skills can do so.