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Twisted Masquerade is an Event related to the Sixth Year Anniversary in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.
It marks the main event of the celebrations, starting on 16 June 2022 and ending on 30 June 2022.

In-game changes[]

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SixthYearAnniversary Masks.png

As the name of the Event implies, the Twisted Masquerade would add several unique Mask cosmetics for a select few Characters that could be unlocked during Trials when collecting an Invitation Scroll, reusing the Crown Pillar mechanic of previous Anniversaries.

Event Tome[]

The Twisted Masquerade features a special Event Tome: Tome 11.5 - Twisted Masquerade.

Like regular Tomes IconHelp archivesCollection.png, the Event Tome is made up of a mix of regular Survivor and Killer challenges, as well as some Master Challenges.
Additionally, however, some of nodes in the Auris Web will unlock a Cosmetic Piece as a reward for participating in the Event Tome.

The Event Tome features 2 Tome Levels, each with two separate paths through the Auris Web:

Community Path[]

This marks the upper path of the Auris Web.
It features challenges that will add their progression to a community-wide goal.

Personal Path[]

This marks the lower path of the Auris Web.
It functions like a regular path through the Auris Web like in any other Tome.

Log-In Rewards[]

Log-in Currencies[]

As a thank-you for celebrating playing Dead by Daylight, over the Twisted Masquerade, logging in will reward Players with a total of 300,000 Bloodpoints, 4,500 Iridescent Shards, 35 Rift Fragments, as well as a first-time log-in reward of 600,000 Bloodpoints:

17 June - 18 June 18 June - 19 June 19 June - 20 June 20 June - 21 June 21 June - 22 June 22 June - 23 June 23 June - 24 June 24 June - 25 June 25 June - 26 June 26 June - 27 June 27 June - 28 June 28 June - 29 June 29 June - 30 June Log-in any time during the Event

Anniversary Challenges[]

Event Offering[]

Icon Description
FulliconFavors frightfulFlan.png It may be a masquerade ball, but there is no masking the foul odour of this quivering yellow mass.
Consuming it, however, fills you with vigour.
  • Grants 106 % bonus Bloodpoints in all Categories for all Players.

"Happy Anniversary!
We made you this cake/pie/pudding/unspeakable horror." — The Dead by Daylight Team

Community Challenge Rewards[]


The Demogorgon interacting with a Pillar