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"Treatment Theatre"
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Léry's Memorial Institute
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Patch 1.5.1

Treatment Theatre or "Treatment" is the only map for the Léry's Memorial Institute Realm.

Quotes left.png An old building was found. A scientific center of some sort, full of discarded equipment. Some I recognized, other items are new to me. It does seem to have been abandoned. I do not question its presence like I do not question the changes that this world provides me with. Instead, I strive to adapt and survive. Inside, I have found small areas of snow, but also traces of something dark. Beds that probably did not hold free people. Corridors that lack warmth. I feel unwelcome inside it. I will try to stay away as its maze-like features might trap me for good. What transpired here? Do I want to know? Quotes right.png
~ Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)



Treatment RoomEdit

The Treatment Room is the main Landmark on the Treatment Theatre Map.


The Treatment Room potentially contains a staircase leading to the Basement  .

The Treatment Room contains a Generator   on the ground floor.

The Treatment Room contains a Chest   on the second floor.

The Treatment Room contains few Pallets  .

The Treatment Room potentially has a Hook   very close to the Generator.


The Treatment Room is a small two-story area in the building with two staircases going up.

The lower floor contains several entrances, a Generator, and a Hook.

The upper floor contains several Windows   and ledges to drop from.

Change LogEdit

Patch 2.5.0Edit

  • Increased the chances to spawn blinking signs in the hallways surrounding rooms containing a Generator (to facilitate locating said Generators).

Patch 2.7.0Edit

  • Removed the RNG element associated to the placement of Windows  . Each room now has a static Window spawn configuration. RNG is now solely applied to the entrances to the rooms.

Patch 3.5.0Edit

  • Completely reworked the visual look and feel of the Map.
    • Made it darker.
    • Changed lay-out to be more rectangular.
    • Added flickering signs in the hallways near rooms containing a Generator.
    • Hid Totems better.
    • Made each Tile unique.
    • Balanced the distribution and safety of Pallets.
    • Balanced the distribution of Hooks.
    • Updated the logic of vault spawns and activation for the Doctor's Office and the Treatment Room.


  • Treatment Theatre does not have a Killer Shack in it. Instead, the alternative location for the basement to spawn in is the library near the Treatment Room or on the edges of the Treatment Room.
  • Powering the generator in the Treatment Room will cause the room's equipment to come alive with electricity and open all the metal sliders on the top floor.
  • Walking into the Treatment Room causes the player to hear constant sound of a damaged recording.
  • The TV screens in The Treatment Room are constantly flashing The Doctor's face.
  • Treatment Theatre was the first map to contain weather effects: it's snowing on the outside parts of the Institute and it sometimes snows into it through cracks in the walls.
  • In the Game files Treatment Theatre is being referred to under the name Treatment.