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Tome 12 - Discordance is the Tome that accompanies the Twelfth Rift in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png and released on 20 July 2022.


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The Characters chosen for this Tome are Jonah Vasquez SurvivorJonah.png and Talbot Grimes (The Blight IconHelpLoading blight.png).

Memories & Logs

Talbot Grimes: The Human Quotient

Memory 1721

Talbot opens his eyes in a daze, sitting in a wooden chair, slowly returning from a journey half-remembered. He remembers the flowers and luminous colours. Blue and purple. Glowing and dripping with strange nectar-like fluid. The strange blue and purple flowers from another world. He heaves a groggy sigh and isn't sure if he travelled at the speed of thought to defy time and experience a moment from the future or...

...if it was all some elaborate fantasy put together by his imagination with an unremembered assortment of past memories. Either way, it felt real and that for the time being was enough.

Talbot glances at the poppy in his hand. Incredible how a flower, a single flower can take you on such a journey through realms within and possible realms without — through realms unknown.

"You're back, Mr. Grimes!"

Talbot turns with a start to face Junius, an investor in The Company. He despised everything about this man. How he presented himself in his black suit and waxed moustache. How he looked at him. How he had to justify everything he wanted to do with him and his brethren in terms of profit.

"What are you doing here?"

"We need your, how shall I say, expertise to help us collect samples in a remote location in Northern Africa."

"I'm afraid I'm on another assignment. But I'm sure you're able to send in the other chemists."

"We have."


"They disappeared along with several other expeditions we've sent in."

Talbot turned away, taking in a basement filled with black smoke and the drowsy scent of opium, urine, sweat and vomit. The den was lined with two rows of straw-mattress beds accompanied by little tables with nut-oil lamps to heat up the opium before placing it into a pipe as long as a rifle.

Men groan and grin with their eyes shut. One man stares at Talbot and laughs slowly and heavily with a pipe to his lips. Every time he pulls at the burning opium pellet there is a hellish frying sound.

Junius clears his throat. "Understand, Mr. Grimes, there is no assignment more critical for The Company than this one."

And by critical, Talbot understands he means, profitable.

Memory 1722

Junius hadn't been exactly right. There had been a chemist who had returned from the expedition, an old friend and rival from school, Tomas. Tomas had returned from his journey into the Bleed — as Junius called it — without uttering a single word about anything he had seen or experienced. In fact, he hadn't uttered a single word since his return. And as Junius explains how he hopes an old friend would stimulate Tomas, he marches along the grimy London road, leading Talbot to Tomas' home. Within minutes they approach the entrance of a modest dwelling and Junius knocks hard. A doctor opens the door and greets them both, explaining how Tomas has gone to pieces and that no one can get anything out of him. The doctor then leads them to a small, dank room where Talbot's old school friend sits at the edge of a bed, rocking nervously. A candle on a nearby table illuminates him in the darkness.

With slow steps Talbot approaches Tomas, horrified by the haggard face and the empty eyes staring up at him. He proceeds to sit on a stool beside him.

"My dear old friend... I only heard a few days ago you were back from quite an assignment as I have been made to understand."

Tomas doesn't answer but his eyes brim with sudden tears.

"It's okay. You can tell me what happened."

Tomas tries to speak but only mumbles incoherently. After a moment, a tear slips down his pale cheek and he manages to point a trembling finger at a cabinet.

Talbot stands, brushes past Junius, and grabs a leather satchel. He opens it and pulls out a journal, and shows it to Tomas. Tomas nods and struggles to speak but his eyes suddenly widen and instead of words, he releases a hellish scream that grows louder and louder with every breath.

Panicked, the doctor rushes in, quickly escorting them out of the room as Talbot gives his friend one last, trailing look and wonders what could have broken such a stoic and brilliant mind.

Memory 1723

Talbot sits in a horse-drawn carriage reading the notebooks. Nothing but gibberish and the disturbing thoughts of a chemist losing his mind. If he were to believe the notebooks, Tomas had lived an eternity in a world where people were constantly hunted like game by apparitions pulled out of dark folk tales. He had only disappeared a week and yet there were hundreds of entries. Perhaps, thousands. It made little to no sense. Neither did Junius. He had misjudged the money-man. He was a lot more compassionate than he had anticipated, and he seemed to express genuine sympathy for Tomas.

Despite being obsessed with profit, he is really quite human.

It dawns on Talbot that Junius might in fact be two people and that The Company does a strange thing to him, acting almost like a catalyst. He seems to be different when representing The Company. It seems as though The Company affords him something which allows him to be someone else.

Someone else, entirely.

Perhaps, protection.

Perhaps, anonymity.

Perhaps, both.

Talbot suspects the same may be said of him with his pursuits. But somehow he's sure that even with the protection and anonymity of The Company he manages to retain his compassion for others. And yet... he goes through his friend's notebooks less from a position of grief and more from a position of curiosity. He wonders if this objective disposition makes him less human, or perhaps... more human.

Any beast can react in anger or rage or grief. What sets us apart from animals is our intellect, our ability to stand above our emotions for the greater good. And yet...

...Talbot cannot help but entertain the thought that what sets humans apart from machines is our emotions. No. Not emotions. Our empathy. Our ability to feel what others feel just by imagining what they might be going through... what they might be suffering. That is an ability above and beyond the simple mechanisms of the intellect.

What an incredible power it is to be able to put ourselves in another person's shoes. It's why theatre and poetry and stories can even exist. Without empathy the human experience would have to be redefined as something else... something smaller... something closer to that of an insect.

And yet...

'...It's the empathy variable that seems to be the great obstacle to achieving true objectivity. To achieving truth. But what's the use of true objectivity, if it means losing one's humanity.

Memory 1724

Talbot isn't sure how long he's been in this small dinghy up the river under a scorching, white African sun with an escort of soldiers. Company soldiers. The Company's so big it has one of the largest mercenary forces in the world. Impressive, really, and secretly, he admires the fact that they do what they want when they want without consequence or fear of tarnishing the reputation of King and country. He stares at the soldiers as they lounge about the stern. Young, callous men who found a place to hunt, kill and torture human beings with anonymity. The cook, Oswald, talks about rebellions he's put down in various colonies as well as the wonderful dishes he's discovered from other lands. Calder is a known tracker who's captured several dissidents and showed us a collection of severed ears he took from the scoundrels. Dallin fills the silences with stories about his fiancée. She's beautiful and fun and from a good family and Talbot senses he speaks aloud more to convince himself about his affections for her than anyone else. He's torn between her and his love of soldiering and somehow understands he can't have both. She'll ask him too many questions, make him think about things he'd rather not think about, and remind him of his better self.

Talbot knows the feeling all too well. He was in love once, too. Ena. But his love for her wasn't enough. At least not enough for him to turn his back on his experiments. She was jealous of his work—of his lab. All the time he spent there. All the energy and thought he gave his experiments.

When Ena smashed the lab to pieces and set it ablaze, he immediately understood how much she loved him, and seeing his destroyed lab, he immediately felt the pain and misery he was causing her. And he didn't want to experience those feelings anymore. Or the guilt.

Memory 1725

Riding a camel under a blistering sun, Talbot wipes beads of sweat from his brow and follows Calder and the other soldiers to a sprawling camp of tents covered in sand. They quickly halt as a man in desert attire approaches them, introducing himself as Farley. Talbot dismounts and they exchange pleasantries. Then Talbot follows Farley across the camp, past countless cooking fires surrounded by whispering, company men and into the largest tent.

Farley turns to Talbot. I would like to say that all this is not… how should I put it… conventional. What I share with you must never be spoken of with anyone else.

Talbot nods slightly.

Farley walks over to the back of the tent and lifts a flap to reveal a huge mass of black fog in the distance. Strange purple and blue light emanates from within.

What is that? What am I looking at?

Farley stares at the mass of fog. We refer to it as the Bleed. A theory put forward is that it could be another dimension… how should I say… spilling into our own. We have seen and noted these phenomena before, but never for this long. Never long enough to explore. We need you to enter, take notes and collect samples of flora and fauna should you find any.

Talbot peers intently at the barrier of fog.

You believe this to be another dimension?

We don’t know what to think, and that is precisely why we sent for you, Mr. Grimes.

You could have chosen more experienced chemists. There are several—

We did. They never returned, and we are certainly concerned for their well-being. But if you could find a way to collect and bring back samples from this anomaly their sacrifice would not have been in vain.

Talbot furrows his brow.

Farley sighs, closes the flap, and faces Talbot. We would even consider your proposal to improve… how should I say… the quality of your experiments. That is to say, we could certainly find a way to give you access to the test subjects you desire.

The King would have our heads.

My dear Mr Grimes… we do not answer to the King.

Memory 1726

We do not answer to the King. Talbot considers the implications of those words over and over again as he prepares his leather satchel with his notebook, tools and vials. He then closes the satchel and wonders who in fact The Company answers to if not the King. Junius had once told him The Company was like a person and was given the same respect as a person. And yet, The Company didn’t seem like a person. It seemed like something else. Something different. Something, perhaps, like a beast… a beast pretending to be a person. A dark thing unleashed into the world to destroy and plunder and return to its masters with a mouthful of death and a fistful of gold. A part of Talbot hated being a part of this dark thing for the longest time. But over the years he had found a way to rise above his guilt and admire the sheer power and brilliance of what it could do in the world and what it could achieve for its masters without reproach.

When the beast became a problem, the masters could simply end its life abruptly, burying the beast and all the pain, death and horror it had caused in a forgotten grave. But not the gold. Not the plunder. They, the masters, could keep it all. Keep the gold and the plunder and eventually use it to inject life into a new beast or, perhaps, beasts. The Company may not have been a person, but it was certainly a form of life. And gold was its life-force. Its blood.

Talbot suddenly feels inspired. Gold is energy. No. Not gold. Currency. Currency is energy. No. Not energy. A variable to direct and control people. To manipulate the fold. Yes. There is something worth exploring in the thought. Something worth pursuing. Something that could help The Company and its masters. He asks himself if there is a way to understand people in reduced terms—in terms of energy and equations.

Talbot quickly pulls out his notebook and jots down a concept: Fold Energy. He scribbles down an equation, crosses it out, then rewrites another version. He examines the equation, then releases a sigh and crosses it out again. He wonders for a long moment if people could actually be reduced to a chemical equation that could somehow determine output and potential.

It was a strange idea. Perhaps even an awful idea. And yet this idea had legs — legs like a beast. It was certainly plausible to treat people as a kind of energy that could be contained and controlled except for one variable — the human variable.


The strength of currency as a variable to control, manipulate and predict energy flow would be directly proportional to the value people placed on currency in their lives. But… there had to be ways to remove or reduce the human variable. To somehow turn currency into a collective god, or, in the very least, a demi-god. Something the fold feared, prayed to, and constantly meditated on. One single god to control them all. One single variable to stimulate, shock, and direct Fold Energy.

Talbot stares at his notebook and laughs to himself. The idea is ludicrous! There are no legs! There’s no present or future world where he or anyone else could experiment on eliminating the human variable. Such a thing not even The Company could get away with. But if it could… \n\n…If it could… \n\n...It would be far more powerful and effective at controlling the fold than any King or Empire.

Talbot scratches out his equations, realizing they are nothing more than highly imaginative scribbles masquerading as science. Even if The Company were granted the ability to experiment on the fold without limits he could not imagine how this intangible human variable could be reduced let alone removed from the equation. All the cultures and communities and diverging beliefs and values would never allow such a god or demi-god to exist.

Shaking his head at the absurdity of his theory, Talbot closes his notebook, places it in his satchel and prepares for the journey to come.

Memory 1727

Talbot leads his retinue toward a wall of fog, ignoring the gasps and sighs behind him. He stops in his tracks just before entering. Oswald announces that he thinks they should all turn back and that if they do he’ll make them a wonderful dish he learned in India. Calder says the money they are paying him makes turning back impossible. Dallin agrees with Calder. Talbot takes note of the comment, then extends a finger and pokes the almost liquid fog, and the fog extends a tendril and pokes him back. In disbelief Talbot pokes the fog again to see if he’ll stimulate a similar response.

But the fog doesn’t poke back.

The first time was possibly just a reaction to their collective body heat. The thought of conscious mist or fog almost seems absurd. He stares at the fog for a long moment then hears Ena's voice calling out his name from within the Bleed. He sighs, ignores the voice, and for a moment regrets the swig of laudanum he took to calm his heart and focus his thoughts. Then, as the men continue to gasp and whisper concerns about the fog, Talbot closes his eyes and takes one small step into the unknown.

Memory 1728

Talbot opens his eyes to find himself staring at strange luminous blue and purple vines attached to volcanic rock formations he strangely recognizes. Large crows he barely recognize circle and caw in the dark sky. Two company soldiers step up beside him with their eyes wide with disbelief.

Talbot turns to Calder and Oswald. He scrutinizes the passage of fog behind them, waiting for Dallin to push through. Where’s your friend?

Calder and Oswald realise they lost Dallin and proceed to wave the fog and call out his name. Then Calder moves into the fog, but Talbot grabs his shoulder, stopping him. We are not where we think we are?

Calder pulls away from Talbot. I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean?

We can’t just leave him?

Talbot approaches the fog separating them from the camp. My thoughts are that he turned and returned to camp.

Calder and Oswald exchange a look with Talbot. Then Calder steps forward and leads them into the blue and purple gloom.

They soon approach a wall of vines with a luminous blue nectar-like substance flowing through veins blocking their path. Talbot reaches up and gently pulls a petal from small a flower and places it in a vial.

Calder withdraws a machete with a high-pitch ring and the vines seem to suddenly tremble.

Talbot senses something amiss and grabs Calder’s arm mid-swing.

Not the best idea.


Calder yanks his arm free and savagely cuts a path through the vines as a purple substance splatters all over him.

Instantly the butchered vines shrivel up and disintegrate like embers into small puffs of fog. Talbot watches with his mouth hanging as the other vines seem to retract from Calder as though conscious of his lethal intentions. They seem to be retreating from a threat.

Calder nudges Talbot and gestures for him to snap out of his trance. But as he takes a step forward the volcanic rock below his feet suddenly crack open, black fog spews out, and a thick vine slithers out and touches Calder’s boot.

Before Talbot can stop him, Calder stamps the vine like a snake. He laughs and shakes his head as the vine snaps alive, wraps around his ankle and rips his leg off with impossible power. A fountain of hot arterial blood sprays the cold darkness as Calder screams in agony.

Talbot swallows hard as Oswald panics to help the tracker. He moves past the screaming man and stares at the retreating vines with mingled curiosity and disbelief.

It might be that this other realm is very much conscious. A living realm analysing and testing them. To what purpose, he isn’t sure. But—

Screams suddenly interrupt Talbot’s thoughts. He turns on Calder and suppresses an impulse to yell at him. He’s likely in excruciating pain and didn’t mean the interruption. He quickly puts on an expression of concern and kneels by his trembling body, wondering how long a person can live without a leg.

Oswald cries that they should take him back to camp. But Talbot’s unwilling to compromise his one opportunity to observe and study what no chemist has ever observed or studied before. Yet he doesn’t want to waste time arguing with Oswald. He simply wouldn’t understand. He tells Oswald he needs to dress Calder’s wounds before they can carry him back to camp.

Oswald nods agreement as Talbot withdraws a bottle of laudanum, his concoction, a mixture more powerful than anything any company has ever produced. He places the bottle to Calder’s lips, tells him the serum will ease the pain, and he proceeds to pour the contents down his trembling mouth.

Within moments, Calder stops shaking and his eyes roll back as he issues his last breath. Talbot allows a small grin and he suddenly feels the barrel of a pistol at the base of his head.

What did you do to my friend?

Talbot closes his eyes and waits for death.

Memory 1729

Oswald shouts at Talbot, calling him a bloody murderer. As his finger curls around the trigger, a massive cloud of fog rushes up to him and grabs him like a fist and pulls him — kicking and screaming — into the darkness. Talbot stands on shaking legs staring at the scene incredulously. It was as though this realm was protecting him. It was as though it was keeping him alive for some unknown reason. He felt a sudden pang of guilt for Calder and Oswald, then it was gone, and he began to follow the spiralling path of jagged rock illuminated by luminous vines and flowers. He followed it for a long while when he heard her voice again. It couldn’t be. Ena. He stopped, turned round and round, searching desperately. This time he was sure it wasn’t the laudanum. It was this place. It wasn’t protecting him. It was… messing with him… playing with him like a cat does a mouse. He closes his eyes, covers his ears and continues to follow the spiralling purple path.

Memory 1730

Luminous blue droplets drip from a canopy of blooming flowers. A petal falls and he tracks its movement and catches it in mid-air. He examines the round shape, smooth texture and places it in a vial. Then he grabs another vial and begins to catch droplets of this otherworldly fluid, wondering if like the poppy it could open doorways within the mind. A strangled gasp suddenly breaks the almost palpable silence. He searches the small twisted trees and shrubs and soon finds Oswald with his back against a boulder, sucking in quick shallow breaths, covering a wound in his stomach with his hand. He looks up at Talbot.

Quick, please… It’s coming back for me.

Talbot is torn between helping him and moving on.

What is? What’s coming for you? What did this to you?

Talbot takes a shuddering breath and kneels beside Oswald, opening his satchel and searching for thread to stitch him up.

It’s hunting us… the man-beast. Nothing hurts it… Nothing… I shot it, cut it, stabbed it and it continued after me...

Save your strength.

I found the others. They’re alive… this thing… it's making something with them.

Talbot retrieves the thread and begins to stich up the gash. He turns to the satchel and his eyes take in the luminous blue fluid he collected from the vines and flowers. He’s not sure what it does, and he knows it will be a while before he does.

Talbot stares at Oswald. He can’t do it. He shouldn’t do it. And yet, this is an emergency. He must do what he can to help him even if it means taking a chance on an untested serum.

He almost has no choice.

He hesitates, then grabs the vial and stares at it. He knows he’s lying to himself. He knows there are other ways to help him. But he also knows The Company hasn’t officially accepted his proposal for human experimentation. Human experimentation could take a long time, a real long time, and he doesn’t have a long time. It might be years before he gets another chance like this. He could administer a drop… just a drop… and see what medicinal properties the nectar-like secretion may or may not have.

The secretion is a gift from another world. Last thing he wants is to spend years staring at the vial collecting dust on a wooden shelf in his laboratory while The Company debates the merits of his proposal. In fact, they’ll be grateful he took the initiative.

Slowly, he lowers the vial to the wound. He tilts the lip slightly and lets a tiny drop slip out into the sticky wound. He waits for his blood to absorb the secretion and watches ever closely.

At first nothing seems to happen. Then all at once Oswald’s face twists in horror as his body warps. A fiery blue light burns through him as blue and purple sacks begin to cover his body.

Talbot stares, amazed. He’s never seen anything like it. It’s incredible. One drop shocked his entire system within a few minutes. The mutation and energy release alone seemed impossible. And yet… there it was… right in front of him.

Oswald screams as one boil after another erupts with purple puss.

Amazement turns to fear as Talbot stares at the ghastly sight and realizes what he’s done to the cook. His mind searches desperately for ways to help the poor man but there’s nothing he can do. Over the screams he hears Ena’s disembodied voice echoing behind him.

Talbot, dear, what have you done? What have you done!

Talbot scrambles back on his heels, then turns and charges through the madness of this impossible world with a maelstrom of conflicting emotions rushing through him.

What have I done? What have I done!

Talbot shambles through thick vines and clambers over rocks and corpses blooming with luminous flowers. He tumbles to the ground and tells himself it was for the greater good. That the cook was probably going to die anyway. That he’s doing something important. That he’s searching for chemicals and compounds potent enough to transport people to other worlds at the speed of thought.

The speed of thought is the only way to travel between worlds, and the doors to these unseen and unknown worlds are within… and any effort in trying to find those keys far outweigh the life of a cook.

Desperately, he clambers to his feet and finds himself surrounded by a living mass of black fog. He stares at it intently and his panicking mind calms with amazement as he finds himself staring at tiny cells that undulate together like some sort of vaporous membrane. Then—

The fog slowly dissipates to reveal a tree covered in thick black leaves.

Talbot stares at the tree and begins to notice the trunk writhing and realizes it made of people. He realizes in amazement that he has found the missing employees. He begins a slow march toward this tree of death with his eyes wide and his jaw hanging. It’s beautiful and horrific at the same time. It’s…


It’s the only word that comes to mind.

As Talbot approaches the gnarled tree, the black leaves suddenly take flight, revealing themselves to be massive crows. He gazes skyward and watches the crows disappear into the darkness. Then he hears the crunch of stone and quickly lowers his gaze to find himself face to face with the man-beast.

The creature stares at Talbot with a gaping mouth and glowing blue eyes as though recognizing him. It hesitates and seems conflicted as it peers into his disbelieving eyes. Suddenly—

The creature shrieks something horrible and vines burst out of its hands and wrap around his chest squeezing the breath out of him until he slowly drifts into nothingness.

With a gasp, Talbot opens his eyes alone in the desert under a blistering sun with no sense of the passage of time. He remembers pulling himself off the tree. He remembers someone crying out to him for help. He remembers taking samples as everything evaporated before his eyes. Then he remembers walking and collapsing under a scorching white sun, wondering if he was going to suddenly wake up in another world or, perhaps, in an opium den.

Talbot struggles to sit up as a mirage of men on camels gallop toward him. He looks down to his clenched fist, opening it slowly to reveal a blue and purple flower.


This video is unlocked after completing all Master Challenges associated with this Memory/Log entry

Jonah Vasquez: Legacy of Deceit

Memory 201

Pedestrians crowd the rainy streets of White Rock, Colorado. A couple exits a grocery store just as Jonah charges into them, knocking them down, spilling apples and oranges into shimmering puddles. Street lights illuminate Jonah as he shouts a quick apology and runs into the street. A horn blares. Headlights flash. Jonah slides over the hood of a yellow sedan into the path of a cyclist, knocking her down. She clambers to her feet shouting at him as bullets whip through the air.

Glancing over his shoulder, Jonah hard charges through a souvenir shop — breaking mugs and plates — and vaults through the back exit and into an alley, slipping on wet pavement. He springs to his feet and sprints away.

Clearing a fence, he leaps, tumbles down a concrete embankment and quickly scrambles to hide behind a collection of garbage bins. As he catches his breath, two assailants in black trench coats rush by him, holding gleaming pistols with silencers.

Jonah squints into the darkness after them realizing someone wasn't too happy he decoded their seemingly random sounds broadcast from unknown locations. Spies, he imagines, sending names and coordinates through encrypted signals and pulses for reasons he still hasn't puzzled out.

But his superiors pulled him off fast when he had managed to decrypt names of corporations and prominent billionaires. They pulled him off a bit too fast. And so he thought he'd investigate on his own. Not the best idea he'd ever had. But something in him had to know. Had to understand why he was ordered to stay away from these cryptic messages that contained the name of people who would sometimes disappear. To him this seemed somehow related to human trafficking. But Dean...

...Dean didn't fit the pattern. He wasn't like the others who had disappeared. He was loud and outspoken and blaming the government for everything that had happened to his students.

He needed to find the high school teacher before these henchmen did.

Memory 202

Screams reverberate from his cell phone as Jonah sits in his small, grimy motel room. He watches the fake footage created by a few teens in the area. The screen fills with teens running from an abandoned station as fog rolls after them with deadly hooks like talons trying to snatch them. He has no idea what he's looking at. Looks like the paintings he had once seen in the Fresno museum with his mother when he was just a kid. Art would broaden his horizons, she had said. Not this art. This art scared the shit out of him. He never wanted to go to another museum again after that. Dean Barker was their teacher. His name was encrypted in the signals because he knows something. His students definitely told him something. Jonah closes the video and opens Dean's digital profile hoping for a clue — any clue — to find him.

Memory 203

Satellite facial recognition pictures in Dean's digital profile shows Jonah that the teacher often visits a community of homeless men and women carving out a meagre existence under a busy overpass. He disembarks his car, walks down, and weaves through the small campfires, searching the cold, solemn faces illuminated by flicking orange light. After some time, he sees a man covered in blankets staring at him intently. As Jonah approaches the man, he jolts to his feet and charges away. Jonah sprints after him to the edge of the highway where he watches Dean sprint past oncoming cars and disappear into the woods on the other side. With a heavy sigh, he returns to his car, trying to catch his breath, wondering what the hell this high school teacher knows that's got him so spooked.

Memory 204

In the early morning Jonah sits in his car surveying a nursing home, hoping Dean will try to reach out to his father. He unexpectedly sighs with the realisation that he hasn't contacted his parents for at least three weeks and they're probably worried sick about him. He's a fool, and he knows it. You don't do that to the ones who loved, raised and protected you for the better part of your life. He feels like a spoiled, ungrateful, entitled brat for letting so much time pass without taking one moment — just one moment in his day — to connect with them.

Jonah stares at the entrance of the nursing home, telling himself he'll find some time to call his parents in the evening. Dean's father has Alzheimer's and needs constant support. He doesn't even want to begin to imagine a life where his parents forget him or don't remember how proud they are that he's using everything they instilled within him to protect and serve their country and the free world. He never admitted to them that he sometimes felt inadequate for spending most of his time behind a desk despite his superiors telling him he was the right hand of very critical operations.

The only problem is he has no idea what the left hand is doing with his work. And often Jonah feels like he's only being presented with a half-truth.

It's why he's here.

It's why he's running his own investigation with his savings. His perfectly reasonable questions about the corporations he deciphered from the signals touched a nerve. A major nerve. It was a reaction even his chief officer hadn't seen before and he was officially ordered off the assignment. And so, being a good right hand, he officially moved on to a new assignment. Unofficially though...

He had questions he needed answered.

Memory 205

As the sun slips below the horizon, Jonah spots a man leaving the nursing home through the side exit. Jonah disembarks and follows the man to the back of the home where he loses him. Again! He curses under his breath and feels like he has to brush up on his field work. He needs to spend a little more time running investigations than sitting behind a desk crunching numbers, searching for patterns, and talking baseball. With a sigh, he strides back to his car, tries to open the door, then realizes it’s locked. He activates the remote in his pocket, opens the door, hops in and starts the car. For a moment he leans against the steering wheel as he stares at the entrance of the nursing home frustrated with himself. He prepares to shift gears into reverse when the passenger door suddenly thrusts open and he finds himself staring at the barrel of a gun. Frustration turns to embarrassment as a hooded man jumps into the passenger seat and closes the door.

Memory 206

Jonah raises his hands. Dean stares at him for a long moment, then lowers the gun. Why are you following me? I said I’d come to you when it was safe.

Jonah lowers his hands. He has no idea what Dean’s talking about but he clearly thinks he’s someone he’s not. He shrugs.

You need to be more careful. If I spotted you this easily, they’ll spot you too. These people after me are highly trained, ex-military. They’re pros. You don’t see them coming before they put a bullet in your head.

Jonah saw them coming when he was searching Dean’s apartment.

How do you know I’m not one of them?

Dean swallows hard. I’d by dead by now. You still want to talk to me? It’s not too late to back away from the rabbit hole.

I do.

Drive. I’ll tell you where to go.

Memory 207

Dean refers to Jonah as Max, thinking he works with an independent organization investigating a series of missing persons. He directs him to a dirt road which he follows to an old decrepit wooden bridge. Jonah breaks to a stop by the woods and turns to Dean who stares blankly as the bridge in the moonlight.

Dean sighs. My father and I used to fish in the river under the bridge. We had some good times. What do you know about me, Max?

Jonah turns his gaze from him. You were a high school teacher. You quit last year after the junkyard tragedy.

That was no tragedy. I knew those kids. They didn’t bad trip and kill each other. They did a lot of stupid things but they didn’t do that.

Jonah nods attentively.

At first I thought spooks set them up, but then I realized it was much bigger than that. Aren’t you gonna take notes?

Jonah taps his temple with a finger.

I’ll remember.

Right, well… Johnny and the others picked up signals from the old abandoned station in the mountains. Weird frequencies and vibrations… And they went up to see what was going on… and when they reached the station, they filmed a bunch of maniacs in robes conducting some ancient ritual while impaling some drugged man who had no idea what was going on.

Jonah raises his eyebrows sceptically.

That was fake footage — a prank to go viral.

Dean shakes his head solemnly.

I wish it were. They’d still be alive if it were. Mocking birds embedded in the media told ten lies to hide one truth. Then they discredited and eliminated the source.

Dean was referring to an old initiative which had been shut down years before Jonah was born. Jonah sighed sceptically and would have normally dismissed this man as a conspiracy junkie except for the fact that his name was important enough to encrypt in a series of signals.

Before they were eliminated… they went up to the station again… and got more footage before those bastards destroyed the bridge to get up there. I released some of that footage and they responded… ten lies to hide one truth… and somehow I must have left a digital trail.

Dean shakes his head and stares blankly out the windshield.

The rabbit hole goes deep on this one… real deep… Our institutions have been compromised by a few idiots trying to bring a very dark thing into our world.

Jonah nods thoughtfully just as a bullet punches into the rear of the car. Without hesitation, Dean vaults out into the high grass and charges through the woods. Jonah jumps out after him.

Memory 208

To be revealed in Tome Level 3, opening on 17 August 2022

Memory 209

To be revealed in Tome Level 3, opening on 17 August 2022

Memory 210

To be revealed in Tome Level 3, opening on 17 August 2022


To be revealed in Tome Level 3, opening on 17 August 2022

The Observer: The House of Arkham (II)

Journal of a Moving Picture. The Trapper.

To be revealed in Tome Level 3, opening on 17 August 2022

Twelve to Midnight. The Crows.

To be revealed in Tome Level 3, opening on 17 August 2022

Chamber of Blood. The Redcrane. Snake in the Garden.

To be revealed in Tome Level 3, opening on 17 August 2022


To be revealed in Tome Level 3, opening on 17 August 2022


To be revealed in Tome Level 4 opening on 7 September 2022


To be revealed in Tome Level 4 opening on 7 September 2022


To be revealed in Tome Level 4 opening on 7 September 2022

Year Seven. Day 207. Morning.

To be revealed in Tome Level 4 opening on 7 September 2022

Year Seven. Day 207. Afternoon.

To be revealed in Tome Level 4 opening on 7 September 2022

Year Seven. Day 207. Night.

To be revealed in Tome Level 4 opening on 7 September 2022


To be revealed in Tome Level 4, opening on 7 September 2022


Level 1

Challenge Task Type Character Completion Rewards
RiftFragments.png BloodpointsIcon2.png IconHelp archivesCollection.png
Dark Adherent Hook a total of 4 Survivors. Master ChallengeIcon killer.png 5 25,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
Lethal Strike Hit 6 Survivors with your Weapon during a Lethal Rush. Master IconHelpLoading blight.png 5 25,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
Scrap Yard Damage 6 Generators. Regular ChallengeIcon killer.png 3 15,000
Diverse Despair Hook 4 different Survivors. Regular ChallengeIcon killer.png 3 15,000
A Bit More in the Tank Lose the Killer in 3 Chases while having Overcome IconPerks overcome.png equipped. Master ChallengeIcon survivor.png 5 25,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
Strength in Numbers Playing as Jonah Vasquez, remain alive in the Trial while 1 other Survivor escapes. Master SurvivorJonah.png 5 25,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
Grease Monkey Fully deplete 3 Toolboxes. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor.png 3 15,000
Bloody Rewards Earn 50,000 Bloodpoints.
Bonus Bloodpoints that are added AFTER a Trial do not contribute to this Challenge's progression.
Regular ChallengeIcon shared.png 3 15,000
Glyph Communer Commune with 2 Blue Glyphs ChallengeIcon blueGlyph.png. Glyph ChallengeIcon glyph.png 5 25,000
Predator or Prey Earn a total of 3 Emblems of either of the following types:
  • Bronze Chaser or better.
  • Bronze Evader or better.
Regular ChallengeIcon survivorKiller.png 3 15,000
Skilled Operator Succeed 12 Skill Checks. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor.png 3 15,000
Keep Your Enemies Closer Hide within 10 metres of the Killer without being caught for a total of 15 seconds. Master ChallengeIcon survivor.png 5 25,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
Life Giver Heal a total of 3 Health States of any Survivor. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor.png 3 15,000
Strategic Alliance Perform co-operative actions for a total of 90 seconds. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor.png 3 15,000
Liberator Safely unhook 4 Survivors Regular ChallengeIcon survivor.png 3 15,000
Knock Out Down 8 Survivors. Regular ChallengeIcon killer.png 3 15,000
Glyph Massacre Commune with an Orange Glyph and then hook 6 Survivors ChallengeIcon orangeGlyph.png. Glyph ChallengeIcon glyph.png 5 25,000
Reverent Sacrifice 6 Survivors to The Entity. Regular ChallengeIcon killer.png 3 15,000
Jump-Start Vault a total of 2 Pallets or Windows while in a Chase. Master ChallengeIcon survivor.png 5 25,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
Craft Time's Over Cleanse 8 Totems. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor.png 3 15,000
Another For the Entity Sacrifice 2 Survivors to The Entity. Master ChallengeIcon killer.png 5 25,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
Dragon's Hit Hit a Survivor suffering from the Exposed IconStatusEffects exposed.png Status Effect a total of 2 times while having Dragon's Grip IconPerks dragonsGrip.png equipped. Master ChallengeIcon killer.png 5 25,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png

Level 2

Challenge Task Type Character Completion Rewards
RiftFragments.png BloodpointsIcon2.png IconHelp archivesCollection.png
Glyph Graduate Commune with 2 Yellow Glyphs. ChallengeIcon yellowGlyph.png Glyph ChallengeIcon glyph.png 5 35,000
Whatever It Takes Stun the Killer 4 times. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor.png 3 25,000
Peer Reviewed Succeed, or have another Survivor succeed, 5 Skill Checks while repairing a Generator co-operatively while having Corrective Action IconPerks correctiveAction.png equipped. Master ChallengeIcon survivor.png 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
Machinist Complete 2 Generators. Master ChallengeIcon survivor.png 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
Carry On Carry Survivors over 150 metres. Regular ChallengeIcon killer.png 3 25,000
Zero to Sixty Knock down 1 Survivor within 60 seconds of downing another Survivor a total of 2 times. Master ChallengeIcon killer.png 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
This One's Personal Kill the Obsession 1 time by any means. Master ChallengeIcon killer.png 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
Glyph Pursuer Commune with 6 Green Glyphs. ChallengeIcon greenGlyph.png Glyph ChallengeIcon glyph.png 5 35,000
Execution Kill 10 Survivors by any means. Regular ChallengeIcon killer.png 3 25,000
Bring the Light Repair a total of 10 Generators. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor.png 3 25,000
Unleash the Rage Break or damage 25 Breakable Walls, Pallets, or Generators. Regular ChallengeIcon killer.png 3 25,000
Callousness or Compassion Earn a total of 3 Emblems of either of the following types:
  • Silver Malicious or better.
  • Silver Benevolent or better.
Regular ChallengeIcon survivorKiller.png 3 25,000
Glyph Seeker Commune with 3 Red Glyphs. ChallengeIcon redGlyph.png Glyph ChallengeIcon glyph.png 5 35,000
Spree of Violence Hit 8 different Survivors with your Weapon. Regular ChallengeIcon killer.png 3 25,000
Bloody Rewards Earn 75,000 Bloodpoints.
Bonus Bloodpoints that are added AFTER a Trial do not contribute to this Challenge's progression.
Regular ChallengeIcon shared.png 3 25,000
Scientific Breakthrough Break 8 Breakable Walls or Pallets with your Weapon during a Lethal Rush. Master IconHelpLoading blight.png 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
Speedy Demise Down 2 Survivors with your Weapon during a Lethal Rush. Master IconHelpLoading blight.png 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
Action, Reaction Down 2 Survivors near Pallets while having Hex: Blood Favour IconPerks hexBloodFavour.png equipped. Master ChallengeIcon killer.png 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
Sore Ankles While being chased, fall from great heights 3 times. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor.png 3 25,000
Undying Influence Finish the Trial with at least 1 Hex Totem still remaining while having Hex: Undying IconPerks hexUndying.png equipped. Master ChallengeIcon killer.png 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
No Stone Unturned Unlock 3 Chests. Master ChallengeIcon survivor.png 5 35,000 IconHelp archivesLog.png
Appeal to Heal Fully deplete 3 Med-Kits. Regular ChallengeIcon survivor.png 3 25,000

Level 3

To be revealed in Tome Level 3, opening on 17 August 2022

Level 4

To be revealed in Tome Level 4, opening on 7 September 2022


Main article: Orange Glyphs

Tome 12 introduced the Glyph Massacre Challenge.

The Glyph Massacre Challenge is only available to the Killer.
The Orange Glyph causes the Killer to suffer from afflictions, which are based on the Tome Level the Challenge is placed in and has him hook several Survivors to close the Glyph.
Being under the effect of an Orange Glyph always comes with a special visual effect / HUD overlay, independent of the affliction:

  • Interaction time: 2 seconds
  • Visibility range: 16 metres
    • It should be noted that the Orange Glyph spawns right in front of the Killer upon loading into a Trial and does not require to be searched first.
  • Afflictions:
    • Variant 1: increases the Cool-down duration of missed Basic Attacks by +0.5 seconds.
    • Variant 2: reduces the Recovery speed of Pallet Stuns by -50 %.
    • Variant 3: reduces the Action speed of breaking Breakable Walls IconHelp breakableDoors.png and Pallets IconHelp pullDown.png, and damaging Generators IconHelpLoading generators.png by -30 %.


  • The Blight's entries were teased with a newspaper page through BHVR's Twitter account.