The Pariahs is a group of 5 childhood friends in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png .


The Pariahs are the children of a group of rich and influential adults, who wanted their children to befriend each other. The Pariahs were the 5 outcasts of those children, united in that they didn't fit the 'high-society' mold. They spent their summers on trips to Dyer Island, where they explored the ruins and mysteries of the island.

One summer, they found the abandoned laboratory of Talbot Grimes and The Entity appeared. Their parents came to their rescue but disappeared in the ensuing chaos.

The Pariahs worked to search for their parents but were unable to find any leads. Disillusioned, they separated from each other and gave up the search, except for a lone member; Élodie Rakoto.



  • Their parents were members of a group called "The Imperiatti", a group that battled The Entity
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