The MacMillan Estate is a map in Dead by Daylight. It is also The Trapper's map.

The MacMillan Estate

The Macmillan Estate in all its former glory. Now an ominous lot with nothing more than horrid memories of brutality in its purest form. The Foundry and Mine was the heart and center of the estate. Those unlucky enough to be employed by Archie Macmillan slowly started to slip away from all kinds of normal life. Wives asking for their husbands to come home. Archie Macmillan began to obsess. His life was built around and on top of the Mine and Foundry. One day the former workers, now slaves, weren’t allowed to leave the premises without permission. Fences and goons made sure of it. Objections were rewarded with a visit to the furnace. Questions and rumors arose in town. But no answers. One less worker, missed by maybe a poor widow wasn’t enough for real actions. Finally Archie Macmillan snapped and sealed his workers in the Mine. Suffocating them. Archie Macmillan remains was later found. A silent skeleton with a taunting grin upon his meat less skull. What’s left of the Estate are now but mere ruins and myths. Teens enter the area from time to time in a game of dare, bringing back new information about what’s happening at the Estate. Because somehow, it seems like something is happening there. Even though not really understandable to the simple, human eye and mind.

The Foundry

The beating heart of the Mine, the Foundry was where the iron ore was directly smelted into vast ingots. The huge vats still bear evidence of the bodies that were incinerated within them - preserved in the metal residue. The MacMillan foundry was consigned to the scrap heap and its horrors forgotten as time passed and the buildings fell into ruin.

The Mine

You can still see the tiny entrance that miners used to haul the ore to the surface. Now it is nothing more than a pile of rubble. No one bothered to clear it as they feared whatever might be found inside. Instead it fell into oblivion.

The Warehouse

Once used for storing the coal that fueled the Foundry, it now lies abandoned. The roof, split wide open suggesting some titanic explosion, but the angles don’t seem to make sense. So to fathom its destiny is not done easily - even if one would want to.

Open Industrial (The Forest)

The woods surrounding the estate might the only witness to what really happened here. Trees with a certain deformed character, as if what they saw made them want to run away. The woods seldom gets any visitors as - even animals seem to avoid it if possible.

Groaning Storehouse

On the eastern edge of the estate, near the woods, lie the remains of the MacMillan warehouse. The iron ingots housed within were the final products to come out of the smelting vats before the workers themselves were fed to the fires. Dwarfing the surrounding buildings, the massive storehouse can often be heard creaking and groaning as if it were crying out with the anguish of the incinerated labourers.



  • The MacMillan Estate was the first map to be released during BETA.