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The Hallowed Blight was an Event in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png that lasted from 19 October to 2 November 2018.

It kicked off the in-game celebrations in honour of Halloween 2018.


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The Hallowed Blight is a Halloween-themed version of the Scorching Summer BBQ Event.

It was teased by the The Hallowed Blight Teaser on the Developers' Instagram on 1 October 2018 and another Teaser on 9 October 2018.

The Event added a considerable amount of new Lore to the Game regarding The Entity IconHelp entity.png, Benedict Baker and Vigo.

It is part of the reoccurring Blight Event and its first iteration. It was succeeded by the 2019 The Withering Blight Event.

In-Game Changes

20181019214632 1.jpg
  • Added new Main Menu Theme Music

The Hallowed Blight Collection

The Trapper

TR charSelect portrait.png

The Wraith

WR charSelect portrait.png

The Hillbilly

HB charSelect portrait.png

The Doctor

DO charSelect portrait.png

The Huntress

BE charSelect portrait.png

Dwight Fairfield

DF charSelect portrait.png

Claudette Morel

CM charSelect portrait.png

Outfit Gallery

Icon Category Name Character Rarity Price Collection
DBDA newContent splashPics hallowed blight.png
Chuckles outfit 010.png CategoryIcon outfits.png King of the Hooks The Trapper Event
IconHelp auricCells.png
Hallowed Blight
Bob outfit 010.png CategoryIcon outfits.png Seeping Hollow The Wraith Event
IconHelp auricCells.png
Hallowed Blight
HillBilly outfit 010.png CategoryIcon outfits.png Osseous Carcass The Hillbilly Event
IconHelp auricCells.png
Hallowed Blight
Killer07 outfit 013.png CategoryIcon outfits.png Foul Bile The Doctor Event
IconHelp auricCells.png
Hallowed Blight
Bear outfit 006.png CategoryIcon outfits.png Growth Surge The Huntress Event
IconHelp auricCells.png
Hallowed Blight
Dwight outfit 019.png CategoryIcon outfits.png Vigo's Apprentice Dwight Fairfield Event
IconHelp auricCells.png
Hallowed Blight
Claudette outfit 019.png CategoryIcon outfits.png Vigo's Pupil Claudette Morel Event
IconHelp auricCells.png
Hallowed Blight

Nectar Vial

NectarVial killer filling.gif
NectarVial survivor filling.gif

The Nectar Vial acted as a meter, which was filled by interacting with the Event Objectives. A filled Nectar Vial would grant the Player 1 Putrid Serum.

The Vial had 3 Markers on it, which were only important for Survivors as they could lose partially collected Nectar upon death. The Markers were set at one third, two thirds, and full. Any amount of Nectar that did not fill the Vial to the nearest upper Marker would be lost. Any Nectar that already filled a Marker, however, would be safe.

Putrid Serum


The Putrid Serum acted as a currency, which was obtained by filling Nectar Vials. It was exclusive to the The Hallowed Blight Event and would expire shortly after it ended.

It could be used to purchase Cosmetic pieces of the new Event Outfits.

The maximum amount of obtainable Putrid Serum were 60 Vials, enough to unlock 2 complete outfits or 6 individual pieces to your choice. In order to obtain 60 Vials, Players originally had to play equal parts Survivor and Killer as either side was capped at obtaining only 30 Vials. This was eventually opened after many complaints of atrocious Killer queue times, making it nearly impossible to obtain enough Vials within the Event time frame.

The Cosmetic Rewards are still part of the regular shop and remain purchasable with Auric Cells IconHelp auricCells.png.


The Event featured personal Challenges that required the Player to fill Nectar Vials in order to unlock Putrid Serum with which they could then buy the Cosmetic Rewards.

Each Map spawned with 2 Visceral Cankers and 2 Cankerous Hooks by default.

The Player could find and burn a new Offering called the Pustula Petals, calling upon The Entity IconHelp entity.png for additional Cankers and Hooks, up to a total of 7 Cankers and Hooks.

The Player filled the Nectar Vial when they harvested Visceral Cankers or hooked Survivors for the first time on Cankerous Hooks to extract Putrid Nectar. They also gained bonus Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints.png for doing so. All bonus Bloodpoints were awarded post-trial during the tally screen and only if the Player had burnt a Pustula Petals FulliconFavors pustulaPetals.png Offering. Survivors would lose any Nectar that was not filling the Vial up to the nearest Marker upon death. Any Nectar that did was safe, however. Survivors who burnt the Offering would receive the bonus Bloodpoints from harvesting a Visceral Canker even if it was harvested by another Survivor.

Event Offering

Icon Description
IconFavors pustulaPetals.png NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Calls upon The Entity to generate 1 Cankerous Hook and 1 Visceral Canker.

  • As a Killer, hook a Survivor on a Cankerous Hook for the first time to extract Putrid Nectar and fill your Killer Nectar Vial. Grants bonus Bloodpoints.
  • As a Survivor, find and interact with a Visceral Canker to harvest Putrid Nectar and fill your Survivor Nectar Vial. Grants bonus Bloodpoints.
  • Filling a Nectar Vial (either Killer or Survivor) will grant you 1 Putrid Serum.
  • Stacks.

Only playable during the The Hallowed Blight Event.

NOTE: During the Event, 2 default Cankerous Hooks and 2 default Visceral Cankers will spawn on the Map.

"The Pustulas fill the air with a rancid odour that some may find enticing."

The Lore

Each Event-day featured a unique piece of Lore from a Journal that was originally believed to have belonged to Benedict Baker.
It was ultimately retconned to have belonged to Talbot Grimes before he himself became a Killer in the Entity's Realm:

Quotes left.png 19 October - The Night

It is impossible to describe the horrifying scenes I have witnessed... death and misery, in every shape of terror, rule this place. I can no longer recall how I have come to this place. All I remember is the opaque, milky fumes of opium in the murky den hazing a sweet, welcoming abyss. I awoke to dreadful screams in this endless night, at the feet an old tree that leaked foul-smelling fluids. I know not how to reach those poor souls, nor do I want to. Keeping a record is all I can do to make sense of it.

Quotes right.png
Quotes left.png 20 October - Vigo

I discovered a hidden laboratory while running away from a monster. Its stocks are uncommonly plentiful. I observed shelves of alkaloids, crates of silver syringes, piles of protective clothes and a journal signed “Vigo”. Its pages are filled with notes on an ancient force that controls the nature of this place—that shapes it. I also noted a few drawings of the growing cankers I've seen on trees.

Quotes right.png
Quotes left.png 21 October - The Blight

I have been obsessively deciphering Vigo's Journal. His work is elegant but erratic, drawing obscure conclusions from disjointed fields. Most entries mention a powerful force, The Entity, which undergoes a purge that occurs once a year. During this period, The Entity is infested with blight. According to Vigo, cankers bloom into “Pustulas”, a type of flower that spurts putrid nectar—the thick fluid I saw oozing from the trees. The last pages of the journal mention a serum distilled from the nectar, but the pages detailing its effects and preparation were torn out.

Quotes right.png
Quotes left.png 22 October - Wounded

I'm hiding in a dense strip of forest. I'm desperate to erase the distressful images engraved in my mind. Last night, a disfigured man barged into the laboratory with a gruesome, mechanical mouth and shred the walls into splinters. I barely escaped with my life—and wounded my arm in the process. I have no options left; these monsters find me no matter where I go. All I have is a journal filled with obscure promises of escape. I will return to the laboratory.

Quotes right.png
Quotes left.png 23 October - Experiment

I'm close to death, I can feel it. When I returned to the laboratory, I started experimenting with the putrid nectar and distilled it into a foul serum. But I made a terrible mistake. I injected the serum into a dead rodent, whose pupils dilated, and its body shook. I tried to restrain it, but the creature bit into my arm, ripping my wound open. I stopped the bleeding, but I fear the damage is done.

Quotes right.png
Quotes left.png 24 October - Experiment II

I awoke to a terrible cry booming from the cellar and a violent bout of nausea. Through the vile ordeal, I started to recollect what had happened. Tainted with the foul serum, my wound had swollen with lymph, at which point my assailant returned. Most of our fight was a blur, but I can recall red tears trickling down his gruesome cheeks as I clawed at his face. And some moment later when I kicked him, sending him crashing into a brick wall. The power I felt then… there are no words for it. I now know that there is truth to Vigo's methods. Another cry. My assailant, now chained in the cellar, must be getting restless. This is just the beginning.

Quotes right.png
Quotes left.png 25 October - The Peak

I should have foreseen his escape, given the potent dosage I administered him, but I needed to see results. Pustula flowers are now blooming on the path leading to the laboratory. According to Vigo's Journal, this rapid spread is a sign that the blight is at its peak. Soon, there will be no more putrid nectar to extract.

Quotes right.png
Quotes left.png 26 October - Exhausted

I slept very little. The acute throbbing in my wound sent me on a restless, agitated drowse. I have no strength left to be patient, and my distress fosters brutal methods. There are no lines I will not cross.

Quotes right.png
Quotes left.png 27 October - Restless

I limited my rest to only a few minutes here and there—I cannot afford wasting time. Pustulas, once lush with nectar, were withering away at the roots of cankerous trees. I could only extract droplets from a few frail flowers. I'm running out of time.

Quotes right.png
Quotes left.png 28 October - At Last

Based on Vigo's calculations, tonight is my last chance. I filled a syringe with the last drops of serum and injected it into my arm.

Quotes right.png
Quotes left.png 29 October - The End

I did everything right… and failed. I am stuck in this infernal place with no serum and nowhere to hide.

Quotes right.png
Quotes left.png 30 October - Vigo II

I looked for Vigo. I shouted his name with no concern for the monsters lurking about. I need to find him… I picture the scene, etching a canvas of wild lines in my mind, focusing on the moon and I know—something is off. I fed the dead rodent under my pillow.

Quotes right.png
Quotes left.png 31 October - Pray

Soon, very soon, I will be at peace. The cold claws of death are drawing near.

Quotes right.png
Quotes left.png It's here. The Entity is here. It has found me. Quotes right.png


  • As evidenced in the second video below, it is the Putrid Serum which causes the mutations seen in the Hallowed Blight skins of the Killers.
    • Each Cosmetic has a syringe full of serum stuck into the Killer's flesh.
  • Originally, the 2018 Event only lasted until Halloween and only 1 Outfit or 1 Cosmetic pieces could be obtained with Putrid Serum, however, a lot of negative and disappointed feedback from the community eventually prompted the Developers to increase the obtainable Cosmetics to 2 Outfits or 6 Cosmetic pieces and to also extend the Event until the 2nd of November 2018.
  • Half-way through the original Event, following another flood of negative feedback regarding long queue times for Killer Lobbies, the Developers decided to remove the constraints of having to play both sides in order to obtain all 60 Vials (originally capped at 30 Vials per side) and allowed the Players to obtain them by playing either side.

Lore Trivia

  • The speaker in the Hallowed Blight Lore was originally said by the Developers to be Benedict Baker as "all new Lore is written by Benedict".
    • However, in a Tweet from 3 September 2020, Dead by Daylight's Creative Director Dave Richards retconned the speaker to be Talbot Grimes.




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