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Dbd-journal-campfire.png Quotes left.png "What keeps this eternal fire burning? I seldom question it anymore as I yearn for its warmth. I get a few moments of peace every time I visit it. At the same time, I hate it, as I never want to see it again. I tried burning my hand in it one time, but felt nothing. But how come it is still warm?" Quotes right.png
~ Benedict Baker

The Campfire is one of 8 known sub-realms to the Entity's Realm in which Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png takes place.


The Campfire is a limbo within the Entity's Realms to which all Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png return upon escaping the Trial. It is also where revived Survivors return to after having died or having been sacrificed.

All Survivors sit around The Campfire, awaiting their next Trial. Whenever a new Trial is about to start, The Entity IconHelp entity.png procures a Killer IconHelpLoading killer.png from another Realm pocket and teleports them to a location at the edge of the clearing with The Campfire.
The Killer remains outside The Campfire's light, stalking the Survivors from a distance, waiting on The Entity to choose its next four victims before they are all teleported to a Trial Ground (this process is observed in the Main Menu).


The Campfire is where both roles burn their respective Offerings IconHelp offerings.png, with their burning fumes influencing The Entity to change certain aspects of the next Trial.

Change Log (incomplete)[]

Patch 4.6.0[]

  • Updated the campfire model and its visual effects.

Patch 4.7.0[]

  • Updated the sub-realm, including the menu screens and the in-game Store IconHelp store.png.
  • Changed the prominent colour palette of the skybox to a midnight blue.


  • The Campfire acts as the Main Menu map.
  • Your chosen survivor will appear sitting by the campfire in the main menu, along with 3 other randomly chosen survivors. All survivors will have your chosen cosmetics equipped.
    • Additionally, your chosen killer will appear in the foreground of the campfire, also with all of your equipped cosmetics.
  • The Perk Botany Knowledge IconPerks botanyKnowledge.png implies that The Campfire is surrounded by varied flora.
    • This is further emphasized by the fact that all of the original Bonus Bloodpoints Offerings (Sachets, Wreaths, and flower petals) are plants.

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