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Icon Name Body Rarity Description Outfit Collection Tome Tier
TR Mask009.png Razor-Tooth Mask CategoryIcon masks.png Very Rare A mask crafted from the teeth and bones of corpses he found deep underground. Marrow Miner Good Son 1 27
TR Body009.png Osseous Overalls CategoryIcon body.png Very Rare Lined with fused bones and rusted chains to withstand any hard labor. Marrow Miner Good Son 1 39
TR W009.png Rusty Chopper CategoryIcon weapons.png Very Rare He welded metal to create the first prototype of what would become the Cleaver, his preferred weapon. Marrow Miner Good Son 1 55
TR W01 02.png Pain Flail (Copper) CategoryIcon weapons.png Common Ritualistic welds that tear and rip the flesh. No Outfit No Collection 2 43
TR Mask09 02.png Ravenous Beast CategoryIcon masks.png Very Rare An intimidating visage of a wild, frenzied beast. Who knows what lies beneath? Is it truly a mask? Circus Brawns Circus Strongman 4 3
TR Body09 02.png Titan Stars and Chain CategoryIcon body.png Very Rare This strongman costume helps support heavy lifting - weights, weapons, bodies… whatever. Circus Brawns Circus Strongman 4 21
TR W09 02.png Heavy Striker CategoryIcon weapons.png Very Rare A razor-sharp blade, crudely modified and weighted for the express purpose of incapacitating or eliminating the victims of its strikes. Circus Brawns Circus Strongman 4 30
TR Mask01 03.png Freezing smile CategoryIcon masks.png Rare The frost makes it even harder to tell who the man behind the mask is... Or if he’s still human… Deep Frostbite Winter Chill 6 17
TR Body01 03.png Frost bitten flesh CategoryIcon body.png Rare Sharp icicles pierced deep into his flesh, the pain pushing him in search of warm blood to thaw them. Deep Frostbite Winter Chill 6 39
TR W01 03.png Frozen Cleaver CategoryIcon weapons.png Rare A brutal cleaver, hammered by his own hands from the metals of the mine and covered in ice after months in the snow. Deep Frostbite Winter Chill 6 10
TR Mask013.png Bark Tooth CategoryIcon masks.png Rare A fearsome mask carved from the bark of a dead tree. Beast of Nature Forest Gloom 7 7
TR Body013.png Camo Rage CategoryIcon body.png Rare He knew the forest well, moving as if he evolved into it, stalking his prey as by primal instinct. Beast of Nature Forest Gloom 7 39
TR W013.png Hardwood CategoryIcon weapons.png Rare He improvised when his cleaver's handle broke, finding a gnarled branch far sturdier, as if grown for the murderous act. Beast of Nature Forest Gloom 7 19
TR Mask01 04.png Smilin' Jack CategoryIcon masks.png Rare A ferocious pumpkin mask taht makes other jack-o'-lanterns look downright cowardly. Hack-O-Lantern Halloween 2021 9 28
TR Body02 03.png Orange Guts CategoryIcon body.png Rare An apron covered in the orange goo of pumpkin guts. How about you add some red to it? Hack-O-Lantern Halloween 2021 9 23
TR W02 01.png Squash Blade CategoryIcon weapons.png Rare The weapon used to massacre a pumpkin patch. Hack-O-Lantern Halloween 2021 9 7
Completed Outfits
Icon Name Body Rarity Description Collection Tome Tiers
TR outfit 009.png Marrow Miner CategoryIcon outfits.png Very Rare While exploring the mine's underground he uncovered his true nature. Like father, like son. Good Son 1 27,39,55
TR outfit 09 02.png Circus Brawns CategoryIcon outfits.png Very Rare Step up and see the incredible feats performed by this savage beast! But don't get too close! He bites! Circus Strongman 4 3,21,30
TR outfit 01 03.png Deep Frostbite CategoryIcon outfits.png Rare The harsh winter froze his hands but failed to cool his lust for blood. Winter Chill 6 10,17,39
TR outfit 013.png Beast of Nature CategoryIcon outfits.png Rare The union boys moved their meetings deep into the forest, but Evan was prepared to track his prey. Forest Gloom 7 7,19,39
TR outfit 01 04.png Hack-O-Lantern CategoryIcon outfits.png Rare A fun way to hack up your victims on Halloween. They’ll surely appreciate the effort. Halloween 2021 9 7,23,28