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Quotes left.png A virus that causes extreme mutations and can be transferred to others.
Its effects heighten aggression and strength within The Nemesis.
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Your Power expands as your Mutation Rate grows.

SPECIAL ATTACK: Tentacle Strike
Press and hold the Power button to charge an attack.
Once charged, tap the Attack button to unleash a Tentacle Strike.

Hitting a Survivor with a Tentacle Strike afflicts them with Contamination and increases your Mutation Rate.
If a Survivor is already Contaminated, a Tentacle Strike will damage them. It also will increase your Mutation Rate by the same amount as hitting a zombie.

Survivors who become Contaminated suffer briefly from the Hindered IconStatusEffects hindered.png Status Effect.

Survivors can cure Contamination by using a Vaccine on themselves or other Survivors.
Vaccines can be found in Supply Cases located throughout the environment, but their number is limited to 4 Supply Cases.

After using a Vaccine, the Survivor's location is briefly revealed by Killer Instinct.

Mutation Rate 1:

  • No special benefits.

Mutation Rate 2:

Mutation Rate 3:

  • Slightly increases Tentacle Strike range.

T-Virus causes 2 Zombies to spawn and roam about the Trial Grounds.

When a Zombie attacks a Survivor, they inflict Contamination.
If a Survivor is already Contaminated, they receive damage.

Zombies can be destroyed with a Tentacle Strike to increase The Nemesis' Mutation Rate, doing so with a Basic Attack will not do so.

Survivors have limited options to interact with Zombies:

Zombies destroyed by The Nemesis' respawn after 12 seconds.
Zombies destroyed by Survivors respawn after 45 seconds.