Spirit's Archive Cosmetics

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Icon Name Body Rarity Description Outfit Collection Tome Tier
HK Head009.png
Wrathful CategoryIcon head.png Very Rare Fury rushed through her blood as she attacked. Her jet-black hair flowed widly, the ribbon failing to keep it contained. Accursed Armor Damned Bloodlines 2 47
HK Body009.png
Kendogu CategoryIcon body.png Very Rare Training armor passed down for generations, it's said to have been worn by a samurai during his younger years before the carnage began. Accursed Armor Damned Bloodlines 2 35
HK W009.png
Splintered Kendo CategoryIcon weapons.png Very Rare A sword of jagged bamboo bunches. Once used to train, it now has a much more malicious purpose. Accursed Armor Damned Bloodlines 2 55
HK Head01 05.png
Crimson Overflow CategoryIcon head.png Rare A color that pays homage to the trees that withered and the death that soon followed. Haru Damashi Spring Harvest 3 31
HK Body01 05.png
Blossom Onslaught CategoryIcon body.png Rare A soft, spring-like appearance that deceives Survivors into dropping their guard. Haru Damashi Spring Harvest 3 68
HK W01 05.png
Jagged Thorn CategoryIcon weapons.png Rare A pink-hued blade that evokes the changing of seasons and the loss it brings. Haru Damashi Spring Harvest 3 7
HK Head01 04.png
Thunder & Lightning CategoryIcon masks.png Uncommon A dramatic makeup for a tasteful revenge. No Outfit Surging Rage 3 17
HK Body006 04.png
Seifuku (Red) CategoryIcon body.png Very Rare Dating from her high school days, this uniform is accessorized with a shoestring necktie and a pair of loose, glass-filled socks. No Outfit No Collection 4 9
Completed Outfits
Icon Name Body Rarity Description Collection Tome Tiers
HK outfit 009.png
Accursed Armor CategoryIcon outfits.png Very Rare The armor fit perfectly. It felt like it was made for her. Yet...something made her feel uneasy. Damned Bloodlines 2 35,47,55
HK outfit 01 05.png
Haru Damashi CategoryIcon outfits.png Rare Does the gentle hue reveal humanity beneath her rancor, or is it simply a reminder of what has been lost? Spring Harvest 3 7,31,68
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