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Icon Name Rarity Description Character Collection Unlock Condition
EC 002.png Bloodied Token Uncommon A crusted fragment of blood that holds great importance in the realm. Universal Momentos of Prominence Reward for fully completing the Tutorial
WA 001.png Seal of Metatron Uncommon A symbolic amulet emanating a dark and ominous force. Universal Immemorial Talisman Owning CHAPTER XVI: Silent Hill
EC 001.png Umbrella Corporation Uncommon The rusted logo of the biomedical multinational Umbrella Corporation. Universal Resident Evil Owning CHAPTER XX: Resident Evil
HU 042.png Twitch Uncommon An unusual design that may mean something to those in another universe. Universal Horror Stream Given to selected twitch affiliates/partners
AU 003.png Fruitcake Rare An item of unfathomable evil. Killer Winter 2020 Redeemed in December 2020 as a code distributed by Fog Whisperers/Content creators.
DR 016.png Gnome Chompski Rare What's this guy doing in The Entity's Realm? Universal Green Flu Finding him in the Trial Grounds during the Gnome Chompski Mini-Event
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GE 002.png Lament Configuration Rare An invitation to pleasure and pain. Universal Hellraiser Owning CHAPTER XXI: Hellraiser™
GE 001.png Arcade Classic Very Rare A gruesome game of life and death. But mostly death... Universal Video Game Day Redeemable via code "INSERTCOIN"
ZA 036.png Trap-o-lantern Very Rare A good mask makes the murderer. Survivor Halloween Twitch Rivals 2020 (Part of Halloween 2020 Event)
WA 002.png Vic Viper Very Rare A tribute to the white-and-blue star fighter tasked with saving the galaxy from an evil Bacterian Empire. Universal Gradius Memento Konami Code Easter Egg
UN Charm003.png Fog Whisperers Artefact Artfully crafted from marble and jade, and awarded to those who lead a path through this realm's roiling mists. Universal No Collection Exclusive to Fog Whisperers
UN Charm004.png Scribe of The Entity Artefact You are one of the few who can help to translate The Entity's arcane tongue into something mortals can understand. Take heed not to absorb too much - that way madness lies! Universal No Collection Exclusive to Translators
UN Charm005.png Ban Hammer Artefact You are one of the precious few who keeps the campfire safe. This precious charm represents the hammer of justice: wield it well. Universal No Collection Exclusive to Moderators