Dead by Daylight Wiki



  • Feature - Updated Lobby and Store lighting
  • Content - Integrated additional Simplified Chinese & Korean community localization
  • Content - Added new sounds when leveling up the Global Player Level


  • Adjusted the speed boost received by a Survivor when hit by the Killer to be a fixed value instead of variable over time. Removing the curve should allow the Survivors to have more control over their character during the speed boost that is given to them after being injured.
  • Removed the Intoxication Effect Time penalty from the Clown's Flask of Bleach add-on


  • Fixed an issue that could cause a player to crash while loading into a match
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a desync in the procedural map for a client (this would manifest by seeing the an incorrect tile or invalid placement of interactive objects)
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Survivors to escape with a reverse bear trap on their heads under specific conditions
  • Fixed an issue where only 2 idle crows would spawn the first time a client is idle
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Frosty Eyes head customization to clip into the Doctor's camera
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Back button to overlap during the transition to Store
  • Fixed an issue that caused the scroll bar in the Character Bio not to reset its position when closing and re-opening the bio section
  • Fixed the infinite loading symbol that appeared over characters perks in the Character Info
  • Fixed an issue in the Survivor Tutorial where if the player ran away from the Killer terror radius it would skip the Stealth pop-ups from the next section of the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue that caused the moon in the Tutorial levels to appear flat
  • Fixed an issue making it possible for a Customization Item icon to exceed the boundaries of the button
  • Multiple customization improvements (skinning, clipping, etc)
  • Updated skinning for David King and Feng Min that caused a gap in their waists when wearing certain customization item combinations
  • Adjusted the audio that plays during The Clown's mori animation