Dead by Daylight Wiki


  • Feature - Added additional HUD information for both Survivors and Killers to see their equipped add-ons.
  • Feature - Added additional information the in-game pause screen to show the offerings burnt at the start of the Trial.
  • Feature - Created a new rarity for event-specific offerings, items and customization outfits and pieces. Some items from earlier events (Scorching Summer BBQ and Howling Grounds) have been updated to this rarity.
  • Feature - Added additional progress information about the login process on the title screen.


  • Disabled all Moon Bouquet (lightest / darkest moonlight) offerings
  • Added the ability to unlock perks in Bloodweb levels 2, 3 and 4
  • Adjusted the speed thresholds to hit a running vault (fast vault). They should now be more consistent. To hit a running vault, make sure to run straight at the window with at least 2.5 meters of clearance.
  • Added new interaction prompt text for the running vault to make it more clear when to hit the input. It's pretty quick, so keep your eyes peeled. (Herman Carter laughs in the distance)
  • The Spirit's phasing audio has been adjusted: Survivors within the Spirit Husk's terror radius will not hear the phasing sound. Survivors outside the Spirit Husk's terror radius can hear the Spirit's phasing sound, but will not be able to determine its direction. Survivors will no longer be able to hear the Spirit's breathing while she is phasing.
  • Adjusted the spawning rules to reduce the possibility for Survivors to spawn next to a Killer
  • Time to hook a survivor reduced from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds. The hooking animation has been updated.



  • The minimum and maximum hook rules no longer define a random range. They now specify a minimum number of hooks to spawn and a maximum that is allowed to spawn
  • Hooks will now spawn at least 24 meters away from each other (unless the minimum is not reached, no two hooks will be closer than 24 meters).
  • The effects of the Petrified Oak, Moldy Oak, Rotten Oak and Putrid Oak Offerings may have changed due to the above hook changes.
  • Pallets will now spawn at least 16 meters away from each other (unless they are forced by tile logic or unless the minimum is not reached, no two pallets will be closer than 16 meters).
  • Hill Totems are now better hidden.
  • Added a few extra hook spawn points to various building tiles to improve the hook spawn pool which was too restricted.


  • In The Game map, slightly moved or re-positioned pallets to increase their visibility.
  • In The Game map, a new corner tile may appear with a maze on the bottom floor.
  • In The Game map, set the minimum number of pallets to 15.
  • In Haddonfield, all short fences (white picket fences and hedge fences) have holes in them. Only tall fences can completely enclose a yard.
  • In Lery's Memorial Institute, fixed a situation where two windows leading from the treatment room could spawn at the same time.
  • In Coldwind Farm maps, the slaughter tree walls have been lowered.
  • In Pale Rose, made the layout smaller.
  • In Grim Pantry, made the layout smaller.


  • Improved the consistency of flashlight target zones for each Killer (aim at the head!).
  • Improved flashlight feedback to make it clearer when the blind effect is being applied, and when a successful flashlight blind occurs.
  • Reworked the flashlight blind effect that the Killer experiences in first person view (no longer a blindingly pure white-screen effect). New VFX are also applicable for Survivors being blinded with a firecracker item.


  • Increased the base heal time from 12 seconds to 16 seconds
  • Mangled Status Effect: Reduced the modifier strength from -25% to -20%. Mangled will now increase healing time from 16 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Medkits and their add-ons have had their charges increased to match the new charges required for one heal (from 12 to 16)
  • The recover cap has been increased from 85% to 95%.
  • Recover action speed has been increased from 40% to 50%. Recover is a form of healing, and is affected by the base healing time change. It now takes 30.4 seconds to recover to a maximum of 95%. (It previously took 25.5 seconds to recover to a maximum of 85%)


  • Toolbox Sabotage: Removed efficiency penalty. Previously, sabotaging with a toolbox would use 3 charges per second from that toolbox. Seeing as sabotage is no longer permanent, this efficiency penalty has been removed.
  • Saboteur: Seeing as toolbox sabotage no longer suffers from an item efficiency penalty, Saboteur's toolbox sabotage efficiency bonus has been removed. Saboteur now causes hooks and traps sabotaged by that player to stay sabotaged for an extra 40/50/60 seconds.


  • Devout: Hooking all Survivors at least once in a Trial each awards a minimum of Bronze quality in this Emblem.
  • Chaser: Remaining within a close (16 meters) proximity of a hooked Survivor will reduce the quality of this Emblem over time.


  • Alert: Range and cooldown have been removed, and effect duration has been adjusted. It now reads: When the Killer performs a break action, the Killer is revealed to you for 3/4/5 seconds.
  • Bond: Increased aura reading range for levels 1 and 2. It now reads: Allies' auras are revealed to you when they are within a 20/28/36 meter range.
  • Iron Will: Removed the stillness condition from levels 1 and 2. Volume reduction adjusted from 75%/100%/100% to 50%/75%/100%.
  • Botany Knowledge: Increased values from 10%/15%/20% to 14%/23%/33%. This will reduce healing time from 16 seconds to 14/13/12 seconds.
  • Sole Survivor: Increased aura reading disruption ranges for all levels. Also, the perk icon will now show as activate when the perk is disrupting killer aura reading that would have revealed the player.
  • Leader, Vigil & Streetwise: The effects of Leader, Vigil and Streetwise now persist for 15 seconds after the perk owner is out of range


  • Hex: No One Escapes Death: Survivors now suffer from the Exposed Status Effect at all levels. Movement increase bonus changed from +3%/4%/4% to +2%/3%/4%.
  • Make Your Choice: Changed the unhook range to 32 meters at all levels. The exposed effect now lasts for 40/50/60 seconds. Perk will stay dimmed in the HUD until at least 32 meters away from the hooked player.
  • Beast of Prey: The red stain disappears after gaining Bloodlust Tier I and stays hidden until you lose Bloodlust. Gain 30%/40%/50% more Bloodpoints for actions in the Hunter category.


  • Tentatively fixed an issue that could cause the Killer to teleport next to the pallet while stunned with it
  • Fixed an issue that caused the red arrow indicator to appear when Killers broke a pallet
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Survivors to be able to push Killers if the Killer stops moving after hitting a Survivor
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Killers to enter a hooked Survivors' collision, preventing a hook rescue when they attempted to escape
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Pig's red stain to stay visible after the transition to the Ambush stance
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Pig to leave the Ambush stance when searching a locker
  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera to clip through the Shape's body when performing a Memento Mori kill
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Survivors' blood to appear bright red while the Spirit charged her power
  • Fixed an issue that caused items to remain visible if Survivors picked them up during the Spirit's Phase Walk
  • Fixed an issue that caused the chase music to continue for the Spirit when using Yamaoka's Haunting
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Spirit's katana to hang from her hand after being stunned with a pallet while attacking
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Hag to see through maze walls while carrying or dropping a Survivor from her shoulder


  • Fixed an issue that caused an impassable gap between a log and the Shrimp Boat in The Pale Rose map
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Killer to get stuck on an invisible collision in the big cabin in the Grim Pantry map
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible for the Nurse to blink in or around the bathroom tile in The Game map
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible for the Nurse to blink beyond the map barriers in the Family Residence map
  • Fixed an issue that allowed survivors to block Killer movement when crouching in front of the hay bale on the combine harvester in Coldwind Farm maps
  • Fixed an issue that could make it impossible to pick up a Survivor in certain areas of houses in the Lampkin Lane and Badham Preschool maps


  • Fixed an issue where the guaranteed hook escape attempt sometimes wasn't granted when using the Deliverance perk
  • Fixed an issue that caused Survivors aura not to show when looking directly at them while they're hiding in a locker with Survivor aura perks (ie: Bond, Empathy, etc)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the notification bubble for the Diversion perk to appear slightly higher than other loud noise notifications
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a Survivor to skip the self-unhook animation by throwing a pebble with the Diversion perk
  • Fixed an issue that caused the skill checks for Autodidact to be to non-healing skill checks


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the doors on the locker to open/close twice when rapidly entering/exiting
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Survivors' to briefly clip through the locker when being grabbed out of it
  • Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to clip through the locker doors if the Killer hit them at the same time as they quickly hid in it
  • Fixed an issue that caused the prompt order to change when the Killer has more than one prompt at a time
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Killers animation to break when hooking a Survivor gets interrupted
  • Fixed an issue that caused the blinding VFX to display for a survivor using the flashlight while a different Survivor blinds the Killer using a flashlight
  • Fixed an issue that caused the medkit self healing to stop when medkit ran out of charges while the Self-Care perk is equipped
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Doctor's illusions to block the flashlight beam for a short time after they have disappeared
  • Fixed an issue that caused the textures on items dropped by sacrificed Survivors to change to the sacrificed texture
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Spirit to appear invisible for the Kill Your Friends spectator when switching to her while she uses Yamaoka's Haunting


  • Fixed an issue that caused auto completed generator piston audio to be louder than manually completed generators
  • Audio - fix crack on active phasing


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Killers weapons to be flagged as a "power" in the Store
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Auric Cell Packs" texts to appear cut-off on the short-cut icon in the Store in certain languages
  • Fixed an issue that caused the host's cursor to reset to the default position when a Survivor joins the lobby
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to use the controller buttons to change pages in the map selection in Kill Your Friends
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Waiting for {X} Survivors" to disappear for the Killer when selecting anything in the Loadout


  • Decisive Strike: We planned the Decisive Strike changes to be live for this update. However, after implementing the changes and testing, we realized the result were not satisfying.