Dead by Daylight Wiki


  • Content - Integrated Korean & Polish community translations


  • Added extra logging to better help track down the issue where a player can be unable to move after loading into a match
  • Fixed an incorrect value in the Clown's power description (coughing duration should be 2 seconds instead of 1.5 seconds)
  • Fixed an issue that caused English localization to appear in a few areas of the Store when the game languages was not set to English
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Generator Icon & count to be invisible in the HUD in a match after completing the Tutorial levels
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a locker to spawn underneath a window in Father Campbell's Chapel, thus allowing Survivor to hold the game hostage
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the pallet collision to remain active after being destroyed by a chainsaw attack from The Hillbilly or The Cannibal
  • Fixed an issue where the Hillbilly's Marked Spike Maul customization item was erroneously removed from the inventory
  • Fixed text color formatting for Chinese, Japanese, Korean & Thai