Dead by Daylight Wiki


  • Added the ability for the KYF Match Manager to toggle whether join permissions are limited to friends only or not.
  • Added the ability to view Items, the Killer Power and Add-ons on the score board at the end of the match
  • Added the Proficiency System. The Proficiency System helps the player know how the different gameplay elements (e.g. their own or other players' perks, offerings, add-ons) affect their performance at the interaction they are currently performing. Proficiency icons will appear for:
    • Chance: Displays if the player has a better or worse chance at succeeding the performed action (only valid for actions that can fail, e.g. escaping a trap or a hook)
    • Efficiency: Displays if the player's Item Usage depletes slower or faster than usual
    • Progression Speed: Displays if the Action Progression Speed is slower or faster than usual
    • Skill Check Difficulty: Only displays after the first Skill check, and indicates if the Skill Check is easier or harder to succeed
    • Skill Check Probability: Only displays after the first Skill check, and indicates if Skill Checks happen more or less frequently than usual
  • Adjusted the color of the interaction bar when using perks, items or add-ons to properly reflect if there is a positive(yellow) or negative(red) speed effect
  • Adjusted the controller cursor speed and stickiness
  • Adjusted the font size of player steam names in the HUD. Font was reduced to compensate for names cutting off
  • Adjustements to various survivor & killer animations (killer attack camera movement, hooking, survivor carry, open exit, window vault)
  • Implemented a character info screen. This screen features each characters unique perks and their character biography
  • Implemented a new Help & Tutorials section
  • Implemented tooltips on the loading screen
  • Integrated additional status effects and modified some existing effects to use the new Proficiency system (see below). The current status effects are:
    • Blindness: Character’s vision is impaired.
    • Bloodlust: Killers gain bloodlust by maintaining a chase for at least 15 seconds. Bloodlust increases the Killer's movement speed
    • Cursed: The Survivor is suffering from a secret penalty due to a Hex Perk. Cleansing its Hex Totem will dispel the curse.
    • Endurance: The Survivor is hardened, and can resist a hit.
    • Exhausted: The Survivor cannot performs physically demanding feats of speed from perks such as Sprint Burst, Balanced Landing or Lithe.
    • Exposed: The Survivor is in peril and can be downed in one hit. (Will not show on chainsaw hit)
    • Haste: The character's movement speed is increased.
    • Hemorrhage: The Survivor gushes blood, making them easier to track.
    • Hindered: The character's movement speed is decreased.
    • Madness: The Survivor suffers various mental afflictions including hallucinations and uncontrollable screaming.
    • Mangled: The Survivor is heavily injured and requires more time to be fully healed.
  • The charge meter for items now changes colour when it is being positively or negatively affected. Red for negative affects (charge is depleted quickly) and yellow for positive affects (charge is depleted slowly)


  • Hex: Thrill of the Hunt Perk change: Changed values for blood points granted for hunting by 4%/6%/8% to 6%/8%/10%. Changed cleanse time from 4/7/10 to 4/5/6. The increased cleansing time was too high for what we wanted Thrill of the Hunt to do, we've reduced it to more manageable numbers.
  • Open-Handed perk change: Now affects teammates by increasing aura reading ranges by 4/6/8 meter range.
  • Quick & Quiet perk change: Added a cooldown every 30/25/20 seconds.
  • Removed Offerings which gives players addition Bloodpoints from the Kill Your Friends Inventory


  • Fixed an issue allowing players to equip 2 of the same add-ons in the Load-out
  • Fixed an issue causing infinite loading with a specific item
  • Fixed an issue causing Killers not to get an auditory/visual warning of certain interactions done by Survivors with Quick & Quiet equipped
  • Fixed an issue causing Killers to get stuck in a corner next to the Foundry in Ironworks of Misery
  • Fixed an issue causing Killers to not drop the non-Obsessed Survivors when succeeding a skill check with the perk Decisive Strike
  • Fixed an issue causing Killers to not get the "Destruction" score event when breaking Pallets
  • Fixed an issue causing placed bear traps to sink underneath the ground in Farm themed maps
  • Fixed an issue causing Survivors to be unable to interact with certain Hooks in Treatment Theatre
  • Fixed an issue causing Survivors not to escape when opening the Exit Gates
  • Fixed an issue causing The Doctor's prestige outfit not to appear properly in game
  • Fixed an issue causing the item inventory to display 3/2 when selecting a perk from the 3rd page
  • Fixed an issue causing the Killer to be unable to use a hook with a chest spawned next to it in Rancid Abattoir
  • Fixed an issue causing the Killers camera to clip through walls and lockers when the area was struck
  • Fixed an issue causing the perk Borrowed Time to trigger when being grabbed out of a Locker
  • Fixed an issue causing the items to be lost when using the offering White Ward and the add-on Weaved Ring
  • Fixed various issues with the terrain. Tiles should no longer be visible or have collisions preventing players from going from one to the other. These fixes have been applied to Industrial, Farm and Junkyard themed maps


  • Update for Quick & Quiet, we didn't just add a cooldown to Quick and Quiet but rather we've added the much asked for Quiet aspect to our Quick and Quiet.
  • Quick and Quiet will now reduce audio and noise notification range by 100% instead of just noise notification range by 90%.
  • The cooldown was added as we felt like 100% Quick and Quiet is very strong even with a cooldown of 20 seconds.
  • Whispers change was made because we heard that it was too subtle for players. We tried something with the new audio, we'll see how you guys like it or not and gather that information and revise what we do with the audio!