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Current Tome: Tome IX - Crescendo

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  • AU 002.png Advent Calendar 2020 (Mini Event)
  • FulliconFavors pustulaPetals.png The Eternal Blight (Halloween Event)
  • FulliconFavors ghastlyGateau.png Fourth Year Anniversary (Anniversary)
  • BloodpointsIcon2.png Quarantine Blood Rush (Bloodpoint Event)
  • TO 013.png Scarlet Swarm (Lunar Event)

  • FulliconFavors pustulaPetals.png The Withering Blight (Halloween Event)
  • BloodpointsIcon2.png September Blood Hunt (Bloodpoint Event)
  • FulliconFavors gruesomeGateau.png 3 Year Anniversary (Anniversary)
  • BloodpointsIcon2.png May Blood Hunt (Bloodpoint Event)
  • TO 021.png Moonrise (Lunar Event)

  • BloodpointsIcon2.png Winter Solstice Blood Hunt (Bloodpoint Event)
  • GK Head01 WinterEvent2018.png Winter Solstice 2018 (Winter Event)
  • BloodpointsIcon2.png Blood Rush (Bloodpoint Event)
  • FulliconFavors pustulaPetals.png The Hallowed Blight (Halloween Event)
  • BloodpointsIcon2.png Equinox Blood Hunt (Bloodpoint Event)
  • EventObjective summer18 survivor.png Scorching Summer BBQ (Summer Event)
  • FulliconFavors escapeCake.png 2 Year Anniversary (Anniversary)
  • EventObjective goldCoins.png Howling Grounds (Lunar Event)

  • FulliconItems winterPartyStarter.png Winter Solstice 2017 (Winter Event)
  • FulliconItems willOWisp.png All Hallows' Eve (Halloween Event)
  • BE Mask01 01.png Fall Masquerade (Bloodpoint Event)
  • BloodpointsIcon2.png Blood Feast (Bloodpoint Event)
  • FulliconFavors escapeCake.png 1 Year Anniversary (Anniversary)
  • FulliconItems chineseFirecracker.png Chinese New Year (Lunar Event)
  • BloodpointsIcon2.png Easter Blood Hunt (Bloodpoint Event)
  • BloodpointsIcon2.png Valentine's Day Blood Hunt (Bloodpoint Event)

  • BloodpointsIcon2.png Christmas Blood Hunt (Winter Event)

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