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New Tome: Tome VIII - Deliverance
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Icon Name Body Rarity Description Outfit Collection Tome Tier
KS Torso02 02.png Bloody Xmas CategoryIcon torso.png Rare Nothing compares to getting an iconic, sleeveless, concert shirt. Nothing. No Outfit No Collection 2 66
KS Head011 01.png Frenzied Mane CategoryIcon head.png Very Rare Dark, long mane with a desert bandana mask for protection from sudden sandstorms. Maniac Rider Mad Road 7 37
KS Torso011 01.png Berserker's Vest and Spiked Gauntlets CategoryIcon torso.png Very Rare Spiked bracers and armored vest with leather harnesses to hold the ammo he severely lacks. Maniac Rider Mad Road 7 68
KS Legs011 01.png Blue Leather Trousers CategoryIcon legs.png Very Rare Leather trousers cut in a jeans pattern with tactical holsters carrying an oily rag. Maniac Rider Mad Road 7 42
Completed Outfits
Icon Name Body Rarity Description Collection Tome Tiers
KS outfit 011 01.png Maniac Rider CategoryIcon outfits.png Very Rare Disillusioned and alienated by the now dystopian and deserted West Coast, Jeff hit the road never to return. Mad Road 7 37,42,68