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<noinclude>{{clear}}{{doc}}</noinclude>! [[File:{{Icons|{{{1}}}}}|center|frameless|64px]] !! [[{{{1}}}]]
<noinclude>{{clear}}{{doc}}</noinclude>! [[File:{{Icons|{{{1}}}}}|center|frameless|64px]] !! [[{{{1}}}]]
| {{Item desc|{{{1}}}}}
| {{Item desc|{{{1}}}}}
| <center>{{Durability|{{{1}}}}}</center> || <center>{{RarityCategory|{{{2}}}}}</center>

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Template-info.png Documentation

This documentation explains how the Item Table Template works and is to be used. It works basically the same as the Item Template, but is formatted for use in the Item Tables in Items:


{{Add-on Table|Parameter 1}}


  • Parameter 1: Item Name
    • e.g. Iridescent King


Formatting the Template like:

{{Item Table|Alex's Toolbox|4}}

will return:

[[File: A metal box containing mainly saws and vice grips of varying sizes but also other tools.
Even though the content of this Toolbox is clearly aimed at destructive deeds, it can be used to repair various mechanical components as well.
  • Increased Generator Repair speed of +10 %.
  • Unlocks the Sabotage action.
  • Increased Hook Sabotage speed of +50 %.

Alex's Toolbox has a Capacity of 24 Charges.

"Most of the tools are identified as 'owned by Alex'."

! [[File:

| Item description has not yet been added to Template:Item desc