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Template-info.png Documentation

This Template is used to create an Infobox on a Killer's Wiki Article.


| gamename       = The Killer's in-game Pseudonym (i.e. The Trapper)
| image          = The Killer's Character Portrait image
| name           = (opt.) The Killer's human name, if available
| altname        = (opt.) The Killer's various Work-in-Progress names (i.e. "The Crooked") or their original name in their native language (i.e. Анна)
| gender         = The Killer's Gender, if applicable
| nationality    = The Killer's Nationality
| realm          = (opt.) The Killer's associated Realm, if available
| power          = The Killer's Power
| powerattack    = (opt.) Defines the Killer's secondary attack as a basic or special attack
| weapon         = The Killer's Weapon
| speed          = The Killer's base Movement speed
| altspeed       = (opt.) The Killer's alternative Movement speed in % and m/s
| altspeed2      = (opt.) The Killer's secondary alternative Movement speed in % and m/s
| heartbeat      = The Killer's primary Terror Radius range in metres
| altheartbeat   = (opt.) The Killer's secondary Terror Radius range in metres
| lullaby        = (opt.) The Killer's Lullaby range in metres
| height         = The Killer's height as rated by the Game
| dlc            = (opt.) The Killer's associated DLC
| actor          = The Killer's voice actor/actress
| breathing      = The Killer's breathing noise
| alterbreathing = (opt.) The Killer's secondary breathing noise
| menu           = (opt.) The Killer's unique Theme music, if available
| terror         = (opt.) The Killer's unique Terror Radius music, if available