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Template-info.png Documentation

This documentation explains how the IconLink Template works and is to be used:


{{IconLink|Parameter 1}}


{{IconLink|Parameter 1|Parameter 2}}


{{IconLink|Parameter 1|Parameter 2|Parameter 3}}


  • Parameter 1 - [Mandatory] - Name of the Icon
    • e.g. Amanita Toxin / Iridescent King / New Moon Bouquet / Chainsaw
  • Parameter 2 - [Optional] - Name of Page link
    • e.g. IconPerks / IconFavors / FulliconAddon / FulliconItems / IconHelp / IconHelpLoading / IconItems
    • Value: img - [Optional] - shows only image
    • Value: linkless - [Optional] - gives the link away and leave the icon after simple text (used for expressions that have the icon but not the dedicated page that can be redirected to)
  • Parameter 3 - [Optional] - Displayed text
    • e.g. amanitaToxin / iridescentKing / newMoonBouquet / chainsaw


  • 1-parameter version uses the variable for all three parts
  • 2-parameter version uses the second parameter is used to Page link and will display the same
    • If the second parameter is img the template shows only the image itself


Formatting the Template like this


will return Killer's IconHelpLoading killer.png.


will return Entity IconHelp entity.png.


will return IconHelpLoading survivor.png.

{{IconLink|Survivors|Dwight Fairfield}}

will return Dwight Fairfield IconHelpLoading survivor.png. IconLink will use Survivors as a reference to lookup the image. The link will display redirect to Dwight Fairfield page.

{{IconLink|Nemesis T-Type|The Nemesis|Nemesis}}

will return Nemesis IconHelpLoading nemesis.png. The link will redirect to the second parameter, but display the third parameter.

{{IconLink|Movement Speed|linkless=1}}

will return Movement Speed IconHelp movementSpeed.png.

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