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This documentation explains how the IconLink Template works and is to be used:


{{IconLink|Parameter 1}}


{{IconLink|Parameter 1|Parameter 2}}


{{IconLink|Parameter 1|Parameter 2|Parameter 3}}


  • Parameter 1 - [Mandatory] - Name of the Icon
    • e.g. Amanita Toxin / Iridescent King / New Moon Bouquet / Chainsaw
  • Parameter 2 - [Optional] - Name of Page link
    • e.g. IconPerks / IconFavors / FulliconAddon / FulliconItems / IconHelp / IconHelpLoading / IconItems
    • Value: img - [Optional] - shows only image
    • Value: linkless - [Optional] - gives the link away and leave the icon after simple text (used for expressions that have the icon but not the dedicated page that can be redirected to)
  • Parameter 3 - [Optional] - Displayed text
    • e.g. amanitaToxin / iridescentKing / newMoonBouquet / chainsaw


  • 1-parameter version uses the variable for all three parts
  • 2-parameter version uses the second parameter is used to Page link and will display the same
    • If the second parameter is img the template shows only the image itself


Formatting the Template like this


will return Killer's Killer}}.


will return Entity IconHelp entity.png.


will return Survivor}}.

{{IconLink|Survivors|Dwight Fairfield}}

will return Dwight Fairfield IconHelpLoading survivor.png. IconLink will use Survivors as a reference to lookup the image. The link will display redirect to Dwight Fairfield page.

{{IconLink|Nemesis T-Type|The Nemesis|Nemesis}}

will return Nemesis Nemesis T-Type}}. The link will redirect to the second parameter, but display the third parameter.

{{IconLink|Movement Speed|linkless=1}}

will return Movement Speed IconHelp movementSpeed.png.

[[{{{1}}}]] link={{{1}}}