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Icon Name Body Rarity Description Outfit Collection Tome Tier
BE Mask03 01.png Miss Pussens CategoryIcon masks.png Rare Come child, don't cry. Be good for your kitty momma. No Outfit Koshka 1 23
BE W006 01.png Lacquered Wono Ax CategoryIcon weapons.png Very Rare Forged with three layers of carbon steel with a heavier head and longer shaft than traditional wono material. Meant to gut and shred. No Outfit Grim Matsuri 1 49
BE Body006 02.png Hunting Hitatare (Winter Blue) CategoryIcon body.png Very Rare Hunt with a bow, arrow, and ax in the dead of night. This archey formalwear comes with a sturdy lgote to steady your aim while on the run. It's hunting time! No Outfit No Collection 2 37
BE Mask011.png Horsewoman of the Apocalypse CategoryIcon masks.png Very Rare A macabre mask whos original purpose of design is unknown. It seemed a fitting visage for Anna as she massacred German cavalry units. Spoils of War Escalation 3 1
BE Body011.png Stolen Valor CategoryIcon body.png Very Rare The tattered uniform of a Cossack soldier who fought bravely against Anna and paid the ultimate price. Spoils of War Escalation 3 34
BE W011.png Battle Tested Hatchet CategoryIcon weapons.png Very Rare A weapon that's proven itself in the chaos of war, this hatchet holds the dog tag of its deceased owner around its hilt. Spoils of War Escalation 3 55
Completed Outfits
Icon Name Body Rarity Description Collection Tome Tiers
BE outfit 011.png Spoils of War CategoryIcon outfits.png Very Rare A terrifying assembly of German and Soviet military accessories, pilfered from the bodies of dead soldiers. Escalation 3 1,34,55