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Icon Name Body Rarity Description Event
TC W02.png Marked Spike Maul CategoryIcon weapons.png Common A heavy spiking hammer with an asymmetrical elongated double faced hardened steel head. An almost imperceptible whisper echoes in the wielder's mind: "anoyk yeqkany'ye hvay'k l'gnoo eydokl'x : sekall'o ammk'ix" 1 Year Anniversary
HB Torso01 Halloween.png All Hallows' Eyes CategoryIcon upperBody.png Uncommon Something wicked pierces the shadows of this frightful night.

"Have a fabulous Halloween 2016!" -The Dead by Daylight Team

2016 Halloween Event
TC Body01 WinterEvent2017.png Frosty Eyes CategoryIcon upperBody.png Uncommon Heart chilling eyes of the cold blooded.

"Have a Wonderful Winter 2017-2018!" - The Dead by Daylight Team

Winter Solstice 2017