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Doctor's Archive Cosmetics

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Icon Name Body Rarity Description Outfit Collection Tome Tier
DO Head010.png
Adreno-Head CategoryIcon head.png Rare The Doctor's experiments started with simple questions. For example, what if someone was sleep deprived, eyes pried open, and injected with steady streams of adrenaline? The results were fascinating. MKAwakening Company Man 2 29
DO Body010.png
Blood Test CategoryIcon body.png Rare If you're going to expand your mind-and someone's ribcage-you have to be willing to get dirty. MKAwakening Company Man 2 21
DO W010.png
Voltaic Ray CategoryIcon weapons.png Rare One of the Doctor's first torture devices, made before the CIA money came flooding in. Holds a sentimental place in his heart. MKAwakening Company Man 2 9
DO Head01 04.png
Deep Blue Death CategoryIcon head.png Uncommon There's nothing more invigorating than being jolted back to life after a spell in the deep abyss. Naval Warfare Treacherous Waters 4 19
DO Body01 04.png
Captain of Waterboarding CategoryIcon body.png Uncommon The uniform makes it official. You have command over the lives of others, and the authority to destroy them. Naval Warfare Treacherous Waters 4 7
DO W01 04.png
Hydroshock CategoryIcon weapons.png Uncommon A prototype device specially made to electrocute captured enemy sailors. The navy forbid its production, though flattered The Doctor by calling it "cruel and grotesque." Naval Warfare Treacherous Waters 4 39
DO Head03 03.png
Bloodied Pincushion CategoryIcon head.png Uncommon A new form of physical therapy intended to stimulate the central nervous system by applying direct and intense pain. Do not try this at home. No Outfit No Collection 4 47
Completed Outfits
Icon Name Body Rarity Description Collection Tome Tiers
DO outfit 010.png
MKAwakening CategoryIcon outfits.png Rare His techniques were brutal, yet thoughtful and deliberate. This was a man who was going places. Company Man 2 9,21,29
DO outfit 01 04.png
Naval Warfare CategoryIcon outfits.png Uncommon The thought of having a hundred potential victims confined to a tin can in the ocean was only a dream. But The Entity has a way of providing... Treacherous Waters 4 7,19,39
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