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| Hallowed Catalyst
| Hallowed Catalyst
| [[File:AuricCells_Icon.png|25px]] -
| [[File:AuricCells_Icon.png|25px]] 1080

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Icon Name Rarity Description Contents Collection Price
Clown outfit 003.png Comedy Horror Uncommon Volunteers, step forward! We need fresh blood to start the show. Thrice-Greatest

Mime Artist Suit (Droll)

Sir Cuts-A-Lot

The Showman AuricCells Icon.png 270

Icon iridescentShards.png 5400

Clown outfit 002.png Shock Humor Uncommon Volunteers, step forward! We need fresh blood to start the show. The Kybalion

Mime Artist Suit (Goofy)

Dr. Choppy

The Showman AuricCells Icon.png 270
Clown outfit 004.png Downtown Fair Rare Paint your best blood-stained smile for a parade that no one will forget. Tilted Doll Hat

Got Nothing In My Pockets

Uncle Carvey

Street Performer AuricCells Icon.png 675

Icon iridescentShards.png 13500

Clown outfit 001.png Children's Parties Very Rare Hi kids! Who wants a balloon animal? No one? How about another trick? This one will require a volunteer...

Thou art an all-round family entertainer.

Funny Face Mask

Pull My Finger

Mr. Cutty

The Entertainer AuricCells Icon.png 1080
Clown outfit 007.png Carnie Claws Very Rare Don't be lured in by the colorful lights and the sounds of sleigh bells. Jolly Old Clown


Letter Opener

Holiday Horror AuricCells Icon.png 1080

Icon iridescentShards.png 21600

Clown outfit 008.png Pulcinella Very Rare One of the earliest causes of Coulrophobia. Antique Wooden Mask

Doublet and Hose

Theatrical Blade

Disparate Arts AuricCells Icon.png 1080
GK outfit 009.png Seething Entertainer Event He took off when the substance provoked a profound hunger that made his belly swell with anticipation. Carved Smile

Smell my Pustula


Hallowed Catalyst AuricCells Icon.png 1080