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Icon Name Body Rarity Description Event
CM Torso02 Anni01.png Old-School Windbreaker CategoryIcon torso.png Common Unleash your inner salmon. 1 Year Anniversary
CM Head01 CV08.png Woolen Beret (4th Anniversary) CategoryIcon head.png Common Make this familiar beret your choice of outdoor headgear. Fourth Year Anniversary
CM Torso01 CV08.png Fitted Button-up (4th Anniversary) CategoryIcon torso.png Common Comfortable smart casual wear for any occasion. Fourth Year Anniversary
CM Legs01 CV08.png Skinny Denim (4th Anniversary) CategoryIcon legs.png Common The perfect jeans for the fashion conscious denim enthusiast. Fourth Year Anniversary
CM Head05.png Golden Rings CategoryIcon head.png Uncommon A stunning look to show off your unique personality on camera. You are ready for your big break!

"By the beard of Zeus!" -Rochelle

Left Behind
CM Torso05.png True Artists Shirt CategoryIcon torso.png Uncommon A stylish pink shirt featuring an image of the electronic band "True Artists". Looks much better than Francis' vest.

"Obviously she's a woman of taste." -Rochelle

Left Behind
CM Legs05.png Producer Jeans CategoryIcon legs.png Uncommon Fashionable jeans and boots which can hopefully help you climb the career ladder. Also useful to climb stairs.

"Ugh. I hate stairs." -Rochelle

Left Behind
CM Torso04 LunarNewYear.png Fire Rooster CategoryIcon torso.png Rare A shirt for luck and protection.

Wishing you good fortune and happiness in 2017! - The Dead by Daylight Team.

2017 Chinese New Year
CM Torso04 L4D.png Infected - Black CategoryIcon torso.png Rare Thumbs up on an awesome shirt design.

"It's them or us!" -Coach

Dead by Daylight Steam Group Members
CM Torso04 L4DInv.png Infected - Red CategoryIcon torso.png Rare Thumbs up on an awesome shirt design.

"Dude, those zombies are REAL. I knew them books were nonfiction." -Ellis

Left 4 Dead / Left 4 Dead 2 Owners
CM Torso02 02.png Retro Windbreaker CategoryIcon torso.png Ultra Rare Nothing goes better than soft pastel in the woods. Originally Street Meg + Science Fair Claudette Code Giveaway
CM Legs02 02.png Purple Cords CategoryIcon legs.png Ultra Rare Purple goes with everything doesn't it? Originally Street Meg + Science Fair Claudette Code Giveaway
CM Torso04 Brazil.png Claudette's Weekend Shirt CategoryIcon torso.png Utra Rare An exclusive shirt for the Brazil Comic Con. Originally Brazil Comic Con Code Giveaway