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Quotes left.png Though forever bound through blood and trauma, The Twins have been granted the power to separate from their shared body. Together they hunt as brother and sister, doubling the threat to Survivors. Quotes right.png

SPECIAL ABILITY: Blood Bond Atl Hud PB UnbindVictor.png
As Charlotte, press and hold the Power button to unleash Victor.

  • Pressing the Ability button allows you to swap control back and forth between Charlotte Atl Hud PB SwitchToCharlotte.png and Victor Atl Hud PB SwitchToVictor.png.

Dormant State:
While controlling Victor, Charlotte falls into a Dormant State.

  • In the Dormant State, Charlotte's Terror Radius IconHelp terrorRadius.png and Red Stain are hidden.
  • In the Dormant State, Charlotte temporarily retains collision, blocking a Survivor's path.

Victor can scour the environment at great speed in search of Survivors.

  • Victor cannot see Scratch Marks IconHelp scratchMarks.png.
  • Victor can see Pools of Blood IconStatusEffects bleeding.png left by injured Survivors in bright red.
  • Victor can search Lockers IconHelp lockers.png for Survivors.
    If he finds one, control automatically reverts to Charlotte while he holds the Locker doors shut, trapping the Survivor for up to 10 seconds while they struggle against it.

While controlling Charlotte, Victor will trigger Killer Instinct on any walking or running Survivors within his Shriek range, revealing their outlines to Charlotte.

  • When Victor is idle, Survivors can perform the Crush action on him, crushing him in the process and forcing him to re-grow on Charlotte's after 6 seconds.
  • Victor will automatically dissolve and re-grow on Charlotte after 90 seconds.
  • Charlotte can voluntarily recall Victor after 30 seconds Atl Hud AB RecallVictor.png.

SPECIAL ATTACK: Pounce Atl Hud ATK Pounce.png
While controlling Victor, press and hold the Ability button to charge a Pounce and press the Attack button to unleash it Atl Hud AB PounceCharging.png.

Pouncing at a Survivor will damage them.

  • If the Survivor was at full health, Victor will latch onto them; control will swap back to Charlotte.
  • If the Survivor was already in the Injured State IconHelp injured.png, they will be put into the Dying State IconHelp dying.png; control will remain with Victor.

A Pounce without latching on will leave Victor vulnerable for a short time, in which nearby Survivors can crush him.
If a Pounce lands him on top of an obstacle taller than himself, Victor will automatically dissolve and re-grow on Charlotte.

When latched onto a Survivor, they suffer from various afflictions:

The afflicted Survivor can remove and crush Victor by performing the Remove action for 8 seconds.