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Icon Name Description
"Philly" A stolen camera from a victim of Olsen in Philadelphia, where he worked before.
The film inside captured his last night in the city.
  • Reduces the time required to Mark a Survivor by -20 %.

"Gotta love Philly: keeps giving and giving and I do not wanna forget any of it." — The Ghost Face

Walleye's Matchbook
Walleye's Matchbook A sheet of matches from Walleyes, a small bar in Northern Roseville.
A victim's phone number is scribbled in blue.
One of the incriminating pieces of evidence found.
  • Reduces the Power Recovery time by -6 seconds.
Headline Cut-Outs
Headline Cut-Outs Cut-outs of articles covering unsolved murder cases from Utah to Pennsylvania.
While The Ghost Face just authored some of the headlines, he committed all of the murders.
Compiling your success makes you proud and boosts your confidence.
  • Increases Movement speed while Stalking by +40 %.
Cheap Cologne
Cheap Cologne Dollar store cologne with a pungent scent of rubbing alcohol.
Worn by The Ghost Face to make his presence known.
Reserved for impromptu visits.
  • Increases the time Survivors stay Marked by +10 seconds.
Telephoto Lens
Telephoto Lens A manual focus lens to remain undetected while taking pictures from afar.
  • Whenever a Survivor reveals The Ghost Face, they suffer from the Oblivious IconStatusEffects oblivious.png Status Effect for 60 seconds.
Cinch Straps
Cinch Straps Black straps that keep everything in place while on the prowl.
Olsen's Journal
Olsen's Journal A spiral notebook filled with stained, handwritten entries.
The journal details different equipment used to stalk victims.
Going through your past methods triggers thrilling memories.
  • Marked Survivors suffer from the Oblivious IconStatusEffects oblivious.png Status Effect until the Mark expires.
Olsen's Address Book
Olsen's Address Book Filled in blunt, blue crabbed writing.
All the Roseville murder victims are listed there, along with their phone number and address.
  • Marked Survivors rushing an action reveal their Aura IconHelp auras.png for 5 seconds.
Marked Map
Marked Map The annotated map of Northern Roseville, Florida.
Each 'X' represents a victim of The Ghost Face.
Mapping out your targets allows you to roam the streets undetected.
  • Increases Killer Instinct duration when The Ghost Face is revealed by +2 seconds.
Olsen's Wallet
Olsen's Wallet Olsen's wallet holds thirty dollars in cash, a video club membership card, and a folded picture of Olsen's first Roseville victim.
Carrying incriminating evidence boosts your excitement and resolve.
Leather Knife Sheath
Leather Knife Sheath A quiet and flexible sheath to carry your blade.
Movement is easier when things are fastened into place.
  • Increases Crouch Movement speed by +10 %.
Lasting Perfume
Lasting Perfume An overpowering musky fragrance worn by The Ghost Face to announce his presence.
Reserved for the victims he planned to write about.
  • Increases the time hooked Survivors take to reveal The Ghost Face to 3 seconds.
Knife Belt Clip
Knife Belt Clip A perfect belt clip to scout carry your blade discreetly.
No one knows what you are planning to do tonight.
  • Reduces the Terror Radius IconHelp terrorRadius.png of The Ghost Face by -8 metres while crouching.
Chewed Pen
Chewed Pen A blue pen with a chewed cap that holds traces of Danny's DNA.
Incriminating evidence that was never found.
  • Increases the time dying Survivors take to reveal The Ghost Face to 3 seconds.
Victim's Detailed Routine
Victim's Detailed Routine A ripped page outlining the weekly routine of Olsen's first victim in Roseville.
Compiling your victim's habits allows you to anticipate their movements.
  • Whenever a Survivor is Marked by The Ghost Face, they suffer from the Exhausted IconStatusEffects exhausted.png Status Effect for 5 seconds.

"I have been watching you for a while. I wanted this to be special; the kind of headlines that people do not forget." — The Ghost Face

Night Vision Monocular
Night Vision Monocular Night vision lens enabling sharp photos even when shrouded in darkness.
Ideal for discreet, impromptu visits late at night.
  • Whenever a Survivor reveals The Ghost Face, they suffer from the Exhausted IconStatusEffects exhausted.png Status Effect for 5 seconds.
Drop-Leg Knife Sheath
Drop-Leg Knife Sheath A sheath allowing for a full motion range:
ideal to inflict quick and powerful wounds while moving freely.
Stolen from a patrol officer the night Danny left Philadelphia.
  • Grants a 10 % Haste IconStatusEffects haste.png Status Effect for 5 seconds after Marking a Survivor.

"Gotta get ready like a scout — without the stupid patches. What I get is much better." — The Ghost Face

Driver's License
Driver's License A driver's license revealing Olsen's true identity:
Danny Johnson.
  • Reduces the distance at which Survivors can reveal The Ghost Face by -8 metres.

"They all want to know who Ghost Face is. But what they should ask is, who is next." — The Ghost Face

"Ghost Face Caught on Tape"
"Ghost Face Caught on Tape" A tape obtained by Olsen to write an article that terrorised Roseville.

"In this footage, a dark figure is seen entering a house late at night in Northern Roseville, Florida.
The police were called the next morning to report a murder in the area.
Lock your doors: a Killer is in our midst, roaming freely, like a ghost in the night." — The Roseville Gazette

Outdoor Security Camera
Outdoor Security Camera A small surveillance camera that filmed The Ghost Face breaking into a house on Belleview Road in Northern Roseville.
The camera was positioned at the perfect angle to catch a glimpse of The Ghost Face without providing any real clue to the police.
  • Putting a Marked Survivor into the Dying State IconHelp dying.png reveals the Auras IconHelp auras.png of all Survivors for 7 seconds.

"An image is worth a thousand words." — The Ghost Face