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Icon Name Description
Toy Sword
Toy Sword A minuscule toy sword, only a few inches long.
Holding it brought out a violent enthusiasm in Victor.
  • Decreases Pounce Charge time by -0.25 seconds.
Tiny Fingernail
Tiny Fingernail Charlotte had many ways to mourn Victor's death.
As the fingernails loosened from his rotting hands, she took one in remembrance.
  • Reduces Victor's Unbinding time by -0.5 seconds.
Soured Milk
Soured Milk A metal bottle filled with milk that has since soured.
Loud as Victor could be, he quieted down when presented with his meal.
  • Increases Victor's Shriek radius by +2 metres.
Cat Figurine
Cat Figurine A wooden figure that had caught young Victor's eye.
He shrieked until his mother stole it from the market, nearly blowing their cover.
  • Displays the target location of a Pounce.
Madeleine's Glove
Madeleine's Glove A glove once owned by The Twins' mother.
During desperate times, it was held over Victor's mouth to keep him from making a peep.
  • Increases Victor's Shriek radius by +4 metres.
Ceremonial Candelabrum
Ceremonial Candelabrum The candelabrum that Victor tipped over, causing his captors to burn.
A symbol of his tenacity.
  • Increases time needed for Survivors to crush Victor by +0.2 seconds.
Cat's Eye
Cat's Eye An eyeball that belonged to a cat eaten by the starving Deshayes family.
Victor hid it from his mother, using it as a toy.
  • After fully charging Pounce, Victor roams silently.
Bloody Black Hood
Bloody Black Hood A hood from one of the men that hunted Charlotte.
Soon, he became the prey.
  • Reduces Cool-down time when switching to Charlotte by -0.5 seconds.
Baby Teeth
Baby Teeth Two teeth that Victor lost long ago.
They are unusually sharp.
  • Survivors removing Victor suffer from the Blindness IconStatusEffects vision.png Status Effect for 30 seconds.
Weighty Rattle
Weighty Rattle A shoddily carved rattle that Victor cried over until his mother stole it for him.
It is entirely too heavy to be trusted to a child.
  • Survivors removing Victor suffer from the Broken IconStatusEffects broken.png Status Effect for 20 seconds.
Stale Biscuit
Stale Biscuit A hard, unleavened biscuit that Madeleine stole from a town's market.
It was not much, but it was better than most meals
  • Decreases Victor's Pounce cool-down by -0.4 seconds.
Sewer Sludge
Sewer Sludge A disgusting, sticky mixture that covered the Deshayes during an escape attempt through the city sewers.
  • Increases time needed for Survivors to remove Victor by +2 seconds.
Rusted Needle
Rusted Needle A needle Madeleine used to sew up her children's tattered clothes.
  • Survivors removing Victor suffer from the Haemorrhage IconStatusEffects bleeding.png Status Effect until healed.
Madeleine's Scarf
Madeleine's Scarf A cloth Madeleine wore shortly before her death.
The Twins kept it as a memento.
  • Increases Victor's Movement speed by +0.3 m/s.

"...shall hereby be recorded as a service to the greater good and the extermination of evil." — Inquiry into the death of Madeleine Deshayes

Victor's Soldier
Victor's Soldier A toy soldier Victor clung to when scared.
Something about it evoked jealousy in Charlotte.
  • If a Survivor crushes Victor while he's idle, their Aura IconHelp auras.png is revealed for to Charlotte for 6 seconds.

"Kch--kch—k'ull bawd mennn..." — Victor Deshayes

Spinning Top
Spinning Top A wooden top shared between The Twins, though Victor wanted it for his own.
He learned he could get what he wanted if he clung tightly and screamed.
  • Survivors drop any carried Item IconHelp items.png when pounced on by Victor.

"Hush... hush... it is yours then." — Charlotte Deshayes

Forest Stew
Forest Stew A stew of foraged vegetables mixed with moss and bark to create a false sense of fullness.

"Eat... eat, child. You'll feel better when it's down." — Madeleine Deshayes

Drop of Perfume
Drop of Perfume One of the few luxuries Madeleine escaped her past life with.
It has a pleasant, disarming scent.
  • Survivors within Victor's Shriek radius suffer from the Oblivious IconStatusEffects oblivious.png Status Effect.

"Beware the deceit of witches, for they exploit the goodness in men's hearts." — A History of Witches and Demons (1602)

Silencing Cloth
Silencing Cloth A coarse strip of cloth that a five-year-old Charlotte would put in her mouth.
Stopped her from screaming when witch hunters were nearby.
  • After waking from her Dormant State, Charlotte is granted the Undetectable IconStatusEffects undetectable.png Status Effect for 20 seconds.

"I don't like this game anymore, Mother..." — Charlotte Deshayes

Iridescent Pendant
Iridescent Pendant A glass-like pendant moulded from The Fog itself.
There is a portrait of Madeleine Deshayes upon it, though something about her depiction seems unsettling.
  • If a Survivor crushes Victor while he's idle, they suffer from the Exposed IconStatusEffects exposed.png Status Effect for 45 seconds.

"Your binding is no curse, my loves. It is your strength to draw upon." — Madeleine Deshayes