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Icon Name Description
FulliconAddon trapperGloves.png
Trapper Gloves}}
Trapper Gloves Protective padded leather gloves.
  • Increases the Bear Trap Setting speed by +30 %.
FulliconAddon paddedJaws.png
Padded Jaws}}
Padded Jaws These Padded Jaws are meant to restrain, not to wound.
  • Bear Traps immobilise Survivors without damaging them.
  • Grants 100 % bonus Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints.png for trapping Survivors.
FulliconAddon makeshiftWrap.png
Makeshift Wrap}}
Makeshift Wrap A scratched and worn brace made of thick, cured animal skin.
  • The Trapper can no longer be caught in his own Bear Traps, they will instead be disarmed when he steps onto them.
FulliconAddon bearOil.png
Bear Oil}}
Bear Oil Melted animal fat that can lubricate the Bear Trap's squeaky joints.
  • Setting a Bear Trap is silent.
FulliconAddon waxBrick.png
Wax Brick}}
Wax Brick A block of wax used to lower friction and facilitate movement in mechanical parts.
  • Increases the Bear Trap Rescue and Escape times by +33 %.
FulliconAddon serratedJaws.png
Serrated Jaws}}
Serrated Jaws These replacement Bear Trap jaws have saw-like blades, causing awful open wounds when they snap.
  • Survivors injured by a Bear Trap suffer from the Haemorrhage IconStatusEffects bleeding.png Status Effect until healed.

"Like a predatory beast, it can smell and track blood."

FulliconAddon lengthenedJaws.png
Lengthened Jaws}}
Lengthened Jaws Jaws with long teeth that dig further into the flesh than a conventional Bear Trap.
  • Survivors who escape from Bear Traps suffer from the Deep Wound IconStatusEffects deepWound.png Status Effect.
FulliconAddon coffeeGrinds.png
Coffee Grinds}}
Coffee Grinds An old rusted can containing damp coffee grinds.
  • Grants the Haste IconStatusEffects haste.png Status Effect for 5 seconds after setting a Bear Trap, boosting The Trapper's Movement speed by +5 %.
FulliconAddon 4-coilSpringKit.png
4-Coil Spring Kit}}
4-Coil Spring Kit A replacement kit for Bear Traps which changes the usual dual spring system to four coil springs, adding a great amount of strength to the Bear Trap's hold.
  • Decreases the Bear Trap Disarm speed by -25 %.
FulliconAddon trapperBag.png
Trapper Bag}}
Trapper Bag A cured leather waist bag.
Large and sturdy to transport hunting equipment.
  • Start with 1 additional Bear Trap.
  • Increases the Bear Trap Carrying capacity by 1 Bear Trap.
FulliconAddon tarBottle.png
Tar Bottle}}
Tar Bottle A black, matte and sticky substance that when applied to Bear Traps, makes them far less noticeable.
  • Darkens (α255; R36; G36; B36) the Bear Trap.
FulliconAddon secondaryCoil.png
Secondary Coil}}
Secondary Coil A secondary coil keeps the Bear Trap functional in times when the primary coil becomes unusable.
  • Increases the Bear Trap Disarm time by +50 %.
FulliconAddon rustedJaws.png
Rusted Jaws}}
Rusted Jaws These Bear Trap jaws are covered with crusty and volatile rust spots, making injuries particularly difficult to heal.
  • Survivors injured by a Bear Trap suffer from the Mangled IconStatusEffects mangled.png Status Effect until healed.
FulliconAddon fasteningTools.png
Fastening Tools}}
Fastening Tools A specialised set of tools used to fasten Bear Traps to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Increases the Bear Trap Rescue and Escape times by +25 %.
  • Increases the Bear Trap Setting speed by +50 %.
FulliconAddon trapperSack.png
Trapper Sack}}
Trapper Sack A crude leather sack suitable for foraging.
  • All Bear Traps are carried at the beginning of the Trial instead of spawning throughout the Trial Grounds.
  • The Trapper is unable to pick up Bear Traps once placed.
FulliconAddon tensionSpring.png
Tension Spring}}
Tension Spring A high tension spring that snaps back into place after being stretched.
  • Automatically resets the Bear Trap 2 seconds after a Survivor escaped from it.
FulliconAddon oilyCoil.png
Oily Coil}}
Oily Coil A clear oil that makes handling the Bear Trap's spring more hazardous.
  • When resetting a Bear Trap, the Aura IconHelp auras.png of the Survivor who had disarmed it is reveal for 5 seconds.
FulliconAddon honingStone.png
Honing Stone}}
Honing Stone When used with the Bear Trap, the Honing Stone sharpens its blades.
The razor-sharp blades inflict deep wounds aimed at bleeding the victim as fast as possible.
  • Survivors caught in a Bear Trap, who free themselves, are inflicted with the Dying State IconHelp dying.png .
FulliconAddon iridescentStone.png
Iridescent Stone}}
Iridescent Stone Bear Traps sharpened with the sickly gleaming Iridescent Stone seem to gain a life of their own.
  • Every 30 seconds, a randomly chosen disarmed Bear Trap is automatically reset and armed.
FulliconAddon bloodyCoil.png
Bloody Coil}}
Bloody Coil Part sticky, part slippery, this grim liquid makes handling the Bear Trap's spring more dangerous.
  • When a healthy Survivor disarms a Bear Trap, the Bloody Coil exacts its price, putting the Survivor into the Injured State IconHelp injured.png .
  • Decreases the Bear Trap Disarm speed by -20 %.
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