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This documentation explains how the Add-on Items Table Template works and is to be used. It works basically the same as the Add-on Items Template, but is formatted for use in the Add-on Tables in Add-ons:


{{Add-on Items Table|Parameter 1|Parameter 2|Parameter 3}}


  • Parameter 1: Add-on Name
    • e.g. Brand New Part
  • Parameter 2: Rarity Number
    • 1 = Common
    • 2 = Uncommon
    • 3 = Rare
    • 4 = Very Rare
    • 5 = Ultra Rare
  • Parameter 3: Name of the associated Item
    • e.g. Toolbox


Formatting the Template like:

{{Add-on Items Table|Brand New Part|5|Toolbox}}

will return:

Icon Name Description
Brand New Part}}
Brand New Part This intricate mechanical part feels oddly out of place.
It is clean and shiny as if straight out of the factory.
  • Replaces the "Toolbox Repair" prompt with "Install Brand New Part" instead:
    • Installing the Brand New Part takes 5 seconds to complete and adds 15 % to the Generator IconHelpLoading generators.png Progression.
    • Triggers 2 difficult Skill Checks IconHelp skillChecks.png during the Installation process.
    • Succedding each Skill Check adds an additional 5 % bonus Progression, up to a maximum of 10 % bonus Progression,
      and a combined total of up to 25 % Generator Progression.



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