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Current Tome: Tome IX - Crescendo

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Current Event: The Midnight Grove Halloween Event


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Icon Name Body Rarity Description DLC
AV Head02.png Sharp Ace CategoryIcon head.png Common Grey-streaked hair and silver tongue. Of Flesh and Mud
AV Torso02.png Grey Tux Jacket CategoryIcon torso.png Common Under the suit beats a heart that always belonged to the cards. Of Flesh and Mud
AV Legs02.png Grey Tux Trousers CategoryIcon legs.png Common The finest trousers scam money can buy. Of Flesh and Mud
AV Head06.png White Panama CategoryIcon head.png Uncommon A handsome hat for a handsome chap. Headcase
AV Head07.png Tomstache CategoryIcon head.png Uncommon A glorious mustache of unthinkable thickness. Headcase