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Second Wind triggers its cooldown even if you are fully healed by Adrenaline on hold after being unhooked.[edit source]

If you are equipped with both Second Wind and Adrenaline, the following thing will happen:

While you are on a hook, if the last generator is repaired, the gates will be powered and Adrenaline will stay on hold as usual. Then, after being unhooked, Adrenaline will trigger and you will be instantly healed to the Healthy State. However, Second Wind will also trigger and the cooldown timer will be displayed on the HUD.

By that time, before the time of Second Wind runs out, if you take a hit, you will be put back into the Injured State and also suffer from the Broken Status Effect that comes from the perk. After the time does runs out, you will be fully healed again.

This information should be added for the players to know.