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I am probably not qualified to add this, and I am not sure what exactly it should be called. But the deep wound status should be added here as a health state(or a comment should be added to the Mettle of Man page, I don't know which).

If borrowed time's deep wound timer is running, Mettle of Man will not prevent you from going into the dying state. This means while deep wounds is active, you are not in the injured state, it is a "deep wounds" health state.

Alternatively, if it isn't its own health state, this means a comment should be made about it on the Mettle of Man page, because then Mettle of Man should save you, if you are in the injured health state (which you clearly are if "deep wounds" is not a health state).

Really not sure which page it should go on, or exactly what should be said.

Jinxer (talk) 17:19, 26 May 2019 (UTC)Jinxer