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Disagreement about Quality of life/buff/nerf use[]

Hi. I don't really agree on how this labels are being used. And I thought I would rather start a debate instead of changing it. My main problem is that whenever there are a rework that benefits the survivor it's labelled as "Nerf". However, when the reworks favors the killer it's called a "Quality of life" instead of the equivalent "buff". Affected entries will be shown at the end of the post. Proposed solution would be changing the "quality of life" label from affected entries to "Buff".


> Nerf: removed the ability to place Bear Traps too close to or even on top of one another.

> Nerf: added a Bear Trap immunity period after escaping a Bear Trap or being dropped by The Trapper.

> Nerf: remove the ability to place Bear Traps on top of the Hatch.

> Nerf: remove the ability to place Bear Traps on top of the Hatch.

> Nerf: Survivors are now temporarily immune to Bear Traps when self-unhooking.

> Nerf: removed the ability to set Bear Traps right below Hooks.

> Quality of Life allows for the Dye Add-ons to stack.

> Quality of Life sabotaged Bear Traps will respawn after 180 seconds and can therefore no longer be permanently broken.

> Nerf: reintroduced "Trap Buffering", allowing Survivors to pass over a Bear Trap that is being disarmed by another Survivor without getting caught in it.

> Quality of Life: added a grace period after setting a Bear Trap that prevents The Trapper from getting caught himself right after setting it.

> Quality of Life: Bear Traps can no longer be sabotaged. --Tluigi003 (talk) 11:13, 5 June 2021 (UTC)

Well, not everything is a straight-up buff. If the change gets rid of an inconvenience, it's a QoL change in my book. We use buffs for changes that make Trapper stronger as a Killer and increase his killing potential. Respawning Bear Traps, for example, only mean that he can no longer lose his power completely, but it doesn't change anything about how his power works or how strong it is, hence QoL. Doc (talk) 18:23, 5 June 2021 (UTC)