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Inaccurate pricing[edit source]

Chapter DLCs are $7.99 in the PlayStation Store, not $6.99. Likewise, Leatherface is $4.99 in the PlayStation Store, not $3.99. I do not know if it is priced differently on PC or if the prices have gone up since the DLCs came out, but this needs to be corrected. It should also be noted that the console version of the game comes preinstalled with Chapters I, III, and IV and that Chapter V is free to download.

As you assumed correctly, those are the prices featured in North American Steam store. I won't "correct" them as they aren't wrong. If I had to accommodate every platform and every store, the list would be quite a hassle. I will, however, add a note that those prices are for that particular platform and store and that they may vary amongst different currencies and platforms.
I will also add a note about Chapters III and IV (you may have overlooked it, but Chapters I and V are already mentioned as coming pre-installed as that is also the case on PC). For future reference, most of the information featured, if not explicitly stated otherwise, comes from the PC version. Doc (talk) 11:13, 3 March 2019 (UTC)