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Hello guys,

why has Interlocking Razor(ineinandergreifende Klingen)[green ADD-ON] in english translation the effect: -Tremendously increases the penalty of failed Skill Checks on Jigsaw Boxes

but in german is the effect :-fehlgeschlagene Fähigkeitenchecks bei Jig-Sawkisten verletzen den Überlebenden/

                                Failed skill checks on Jig-sawboxs hurt the survivor
                            -erhöht deutlich den Todesteimer umgekehrter Bärenfallen/
                                significantly increases the death timer of inverted bear traps?

I think it´s complete different! xD

So what is right ?

Thanks for your help

I'd go for the English one, since it's the original language of the game. And the Razor are a Jigsaw Box mod, not an RBT mod, wouldn't make sense if they would affect their timer.
Doc (talk) 22:01, 30 January 2018 (UTC)