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Status HUD is an information system featured in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.


The Status HUD indicates to the Players how they are currently affected by Perks IconHelp perks.png, Add-ons IconHelp addons.png and in-game mechanics.

It consists of three sub-systems: Perk Effects, Status Effects and Proficiency Indicators.
The latter two were implemented with Patch 1.5.0.

Status Effects

IconHelp statusEffects.png
IconHelp statusEffectList.png

Status Effects show whenever a Survivor is affected by a special effect or affliction, indicated by a corresponding icon above the Perk diamond.
The icon's colour will reflect whether it is a buff (yellow) or a debuff (red).

Tiered Status Effects feature chevrons on the icon. The more chevrons a Status Effect shows, the stronger is its effect.
There are currently just two tiered Status Effects: Bloodlust IconHelp bloodlust.png and Madness IconStatusEffects madness.png.

Status Effects that are on a timer may have their timer refreshed by a new application of the effect, but will not stack their afflictions.


FulliconStatusEffects blindness.png The Blindness Status Effect impairs all Aura-reading abilities of Survivors, temporarily disabling them.

The following Unlockables inflict the Blindness Status Effect:


For more details on Bloodlust, please refer to its Article.
FulliconStatusEffects bloodlust.png The Bloodlust Status Effect increasingly boosts the Killer's Movement speed in a prolonged Chase.


FulliconStatusEffects broken.png Survivors affected by the Broken Status Effect are heavily wounded and unable to heal back to the Healthy State.

The following Unlockables inflict the Broken Status Effect:


FulliconStatusEffects cursed.png The Cursed Status Effect indicates an active Hex Perk affecting the Survivors.
Cleansing a Hex Totem IconHelpLoading totem.png will dispel its curse.

The following Unlockables inflict the Cursed Status Effect:

The following Unlockables require the Cursed Status Effect to trigger a secondary effect:

Deep Wound

For more details on Deep Wound, please refer to the Health State Article.
FulliconStatusEffects deepWound.png Survivors affected by the Deep Wound Status Effect are heavily damaged and getting closer to the Dying State IconHelp dying.png, into which the Survivor will transition if they are not mended after 20 seconds of being stationary.

The following Unlockables inflict the Deep Wound Status Effect:


FulliconStatusEffects endurance.png Survivors affected by the Endurance Status Effect are temporarily hardened and can resist a hit.
Upon being hit, the Survivor will be outlined by a white Aura, indicating the Status Effect to the Killer.

The following Unlockables inflict the Endurance Status Effect:


For more details on Exhaustion, please refer to its Article.
FulliconStatusEffects exhaustion.png The Exhausted Status Effect prevents Survivors from chaining Exhaustion Perks, putting them all on a shared cool-down.
When a Survivor is rescued from a Hook, any Exhaustion cool-down is reset immediately.

The following Unlockables inflict the Exhausted Status Effect:


FulliconStatusEffects exposed.png The Exposed Status Effect puts Survivors in great peril, allowing the Killer to deal double-damage with their Basic Attack.

When the Exposed Status Effect is triggered, a global sound cue plays and the HUD icon appears for all affected Survivors.

The following Unlockables inflict the Exposed Status Effect:


For more details on Bleeding, please refer to its Article.
FulliconStatusEffects bleeding.png Survivors affected by the Haemorrhage Status Effect are bleeding profusely, even when healthy, making it easier for Killers to track them by the Pools of Blood IconStatusEffects bleeding.png left on the ground.

The following Unlockables inflict the Haemorrhage Status Effect:


FulliconStatusEffects haste.png The Haste Status Effect temporarily boosts the Survivor's or Killer's Movement speed.

The following Unlockables inflict the Haste Status Effect:


FulliconStatusEffects hearing.png The Hearing Status Effect temporarily impairs the hearing of Survivors and Killers, muffling their audio and playing a high-pitched whistling sound.

The following Unlockables inflict the Hearing Status Effect:

  • None, currently unused Status Effect.


FulliconStatusEffects hindered.png The Hindered Status Effect temporarily impairs the Survivor's Movement speed, the strength of which depending on the Unlockable applying the Status Effect.

The following Unlockables inflict the Hindered Status Effect:


FulliconStatusEffects incapacitated.png The Incapacitated Status Effect impairs the Survivor's ability to interact with certain Props.

The following (inter-)actions are inhibited by the Incapacitated Status Effect:

The following (inter-)actions are not inhibited by the Incapacitated Status Effect:

The following Unlockables inflict the Incapacitated Status Effect:


For more details on Madness, please refer to its Article.
FulliconStatusEffects madness.png The Madness Status Effect, used exclusively by The Doctor IconHelpLoading doctor.png, impairs the Survivor's sanity, increasingly affecting them with various Afflictions, depending on the Add-on(s) The Doctor is using.

The following Unlockables inflict the Madness Status Effect:


FulliconStatusEffects mangled.png The Mangled Status Effect slows the speed at which the affected Survivor can be healed by 20 %.
The Status Effect persist until the Survivor is fully healed.

The following Unlockables inflict the Mangled Status Effect:


FulliconStatusEffects oblivious.png Survivors affected by the Oblivious Status Effect are oblivious to the Killer's whereabouts, cloaking their Terror Radius IconHelp terrorRadius.png.
  • Survivors do not hear a heartbeat inside the Terror Radius.
  • Effects relying on the Terror Radius to activate will not be applied.

The following Unlockables inflict the Oblivious Status Effect:

Sleep Penalty

FulliconStatusEffects sleepPenalty.png The Sleep Penalty Status Effect increases the time it takes awake Survivors to wake sleeping Survivors from the Dream World.

The following Unlockable inflicts the Sleep Penalty Status Effect:


FulliconStatusEffects undetectable.png The Undetectable Status Effect activates the Killer's stealth mechanics.
  • Disables the Terror Radius IconHelp terrorRadius.png.
  • Disables the Red Stain.
  • Blocks Survivors from reading the Killer's Aura IconHelp auras.png.
  • Disables the jump-scare SFX upon starting to move from being stationary.
  • Enables the smokey screen VFX, indicating stealth.

The following inflict the Undetectable Status Effect:


FulliconStatusEffects vision.png The Vision Status Effect enhances all Aura-reading abilities.

The following Unlockables inflict the Vision Status Effect:

  • None, currently unused Status Effect.
  • Was used solely by the Open-Handed perk when it only increased Aura-reading ranges of other Survivors.

Proficiency Indicators

IconHelp proficiency.png
IconHelp proficiencyList.png

Proficiency Indicators indicate to both Killers and Survivors how various effects from either their own Add-ons, Perks, Offerings, etc., or those of other Players, affect their performance at the interaction they are currently performing.
They do this by displaying the effect's associated icon above the Progression Bar and by colouring said bar accordingly.

Unlike Status Effects, Proficiency Indicators are not inherently a buff (yellow) or a debuff (red) in effect, but can be either, indicated by the colour of the icon and the colour of the Progression bar.

Progression Bar

The Progression Bar is displayed whenever an interaction requires a certain amount of Charges to be completed.
The Bar has 3 possible states/colours:

State & Colour Icon Information
Default State: blueish white ProgressBar neutralProgressionComplete.png The Player's Action speed is exactly 1 Charge per second (default).
Buff State: yellow ProgressBar yellowProgressionComplete.png The Player's Action speed is greater than 1 Charge per second.
Debuff State: red ProgressBar redProgressionComplete.png The Player's Action speed is less than 1 Charge per second.

It should be duly noted that the colour of the Progression is individual to each Player.
Even if the overall interaction (i.e. Generator Repair with multiple Survivors) is faster than the default Action speed of 1 Charge per second, if your individual speed/contribution to this is below that (i.e. due to Efficiency penalty), or above that (i.e. Toolbox Repair), the Progression Bar will be coloured accordingly.


FulliconStatusEffects chance.png The Chance Proficiency Indicator works alongside the Luck mechanic and indicates whether the action the Player is currently performing has a higher or lower chance at succeeding.
  • Only applies to actions that have the possibility to fail, such as self-unhooking from a Hook IconHelpLoading hook.png.

The following displays the Chance Proficiency Indicator:


FulliconStatusEffects efficiency.png The Efficiency Proficiency Indicator indicates whether an Item's current Depletion rate is increased or decreased.
  • This Proficiency Indicator was originally known as "Expertise".

The following displays the Efficiency Proficiency Indicator:


FulliconStatusEffects healing.png The Healing Proficiency Indicator indicates whether a Player's Healing speed is increased or decreased.

The following displays the Healing Proficiency Indicator:

Progression speed

FulliconStatusEffects progressionSpeed.png The Progression speed Proficiency Indicator indicates whether a Player's Progression speed in an action is increased or decreased.

The following displays the Progession Speed Proficiency Indicator:


FulliconStatusEffects repairing.png The Repairing Proficiency Indicator indicates whether a Player's Repair speed is increased or decreased.

The following displays the Repairing Proficiency Indicator:


FulliconStatusEffects sabotaging.png The Sabotaging Proficiency Indicator indicates whether a Player's Sabotage speed is increased or decreased.

The following displays the Sabotaging Proficiency Indicator:

Skill Check Difficulty

FulliconStatusEffects skillCheckDifficulty.png The Skill Check Difficulty Proficiency Indicator indicates whether a skilful action's success zone is increased or reduced.

The following displays the Skill Check Difficulty Proficiency Indicator:

Skill Check Probability

FulliconStatusEffects skillCheckProbability.png The Skill Check Probability Proficiency Indicator indicates whether a skilful action has a higher or lower chance to trigger a Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png.

The following displays the Skill Check Probability Proficiency Indicator:

Perk Effects System

The Perk Effects System is used to display when foreign Perks IconHelp perks.png (those equipped by other Players) are affecting the Player.
Up to the implementation of Status Effects and Proficiency Indicators, it was the only system available to display when any kind of Unlockable would affect Players other than the one having them equipped.

If a Perk affects another Player other than yourself, its icon will be displayed on their HUD, next to the Perk Diamond, with either a turquoise (buff) or red (debuff) background.

The fact that the system uses turquoise instead of yellow to display a buff hints at its age as one of the oldest Game Mechanics in Dead by Daylight.

Original Iteration

The original iteration of the Perk Effects System was in use until Patch 1.5.0.
It was used to inform a Survivor when Perks IconHelp perks.png equipped by other Survivors were affecting them, as well as Add-ons IconHelp addons.png the Killer would have equipped.

Since the Developers deemed the latter use too user-unfriendly, for the average likely did not memorise various Killer Add-ons and their effects, they ultimately implemented the Status Effect and Proficiency Indicator system.
This new system since replaced the latter uses and some of the former as well.

Current Iteration

The current iteration of the Perk Effects System retains the original functionality of informing Players when Perks equipped by other Players are affecting them.

  • This also extended to some Killer Add-ons IconHelp addons.png that affected a Survivor's default abilities, rather than any Item they might or might not have been carrying.
  • Uniquely, The Doctor's Power Carter's Spark IconPowers cartersSpark.png displays its icon for the duration of the Interaction Cool-down Survivors experience when getting hit with a Shock Therapy attack.


Buff Debuff
IconStatusEffects buffPerk.png IconStatusEffects debuffPerk.png


The following Unlockables will display their icon as a Perk Effect when their conditions are met:

Survivor HUD Icons

IconHelp healthy.png

Up to the Status HUD Rework in Patch 4.5.2, Survivors, when healthy, were represented by a common generic icon in the Status HUD.
With the Rework, each Survivor is now represented by their own icon, using the default Cosmetic options.
As of Patch 5.0.0, this system has been expanded to include Legendary Outfits, which now use a separate icon.

Dwight Fairfield DF charSelect portrait HUD.png Nothing.png Meg Thomas MT charSelect portrait HUD.png Nothing.png Jake Park JP charSelect portrait HUD.png Nothing.png Claudette Morel CM charSelect portrait HUD.png Nothing.png Nea Karlsson NK charSelect portrait HUD.png Nothing.png Laurie Strode LS charSelect portrait HUD.png
Ace Visconti AV charSelect portrait HUD.png Bill Overbeck BO charSelect portrait HUD.png Feng Min Hud umg coreCharPortraits HUD.png David King DK charSelect portrait HUD.png Quentin Smith QS charSelect portrait HUD.png David Tapp FS charSelect portrait HUD.png
Kate Denson GS charSelect portrait HUD.png Adam Francis AF charSelect portrait HUD.png Jeff Johansen KS charSelect portrait HUD.png Jane Romero MS charSelect portrait HUD.png Ash Williams MS2 charSelect portrait HUD.png Nancy Wheeler QF charSelect portrait HUD.png
Steve Harrington QM charSelect portrait HUD.png Jonathan Byers QM Outfit 010 charSelect portrait HUD.png Yui Kimura SS charSelect portrait HUD.png Zarina Kassir US charSelect portrait HUD.png Cheryl Mason S22 charSelect portrait HUD.png Lisa Garland S22 outfit 006 charSelect portrait HUD.png
Cybil Bennett S22 outfit 008 charSelect portrait HUD.png Felix Richter S23 charSelect portrait HUD.png Élodie Rakoto S24 charSelect portrait HUD.png Yun-Jin Lee S25 charSelect portrait HUD.png Jill Valentine S26 charSelect portrait HUD.png Claire Redfield S26 outfit02 charSelect portrait HUD.png
Leon Scott Kennedy S27 charSelect portrait HUD.png Chris Redfield S27 outfit02 charSelect portrait HUD.png

Change Log

Patch 2.5.0

  • Change: timers no longer stack or automatically reset; the longest timer will prevail and shorter ones are ignored.
    • If the new Timer is the higher one, the previous timer is discarded and the Status Effect icon will visually reset to 100 %.
    • If the new Timer is the lower one, the new timer is discarded and the Status Effect icon will remain at its current progression.

Patch 3.4.0

  • Change: the red debuff icon applied by Perks no longer appears on the Survivors' HUD until the debuff is active.

Patch 4.5.0

  • Change: the Deep Wound timer is now 20 seconds across the board.


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