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A glass-like Hatchet head moulded from The Fog itself. The blade is warm and reverberating with The Entity's power.
* Inflicts the '''{{IconLink|Dying State}}''' upon the Survivor.
* ReducesCaps ''Hatchet'' Carrying capacity byat '''{{clr|2|41 Hatchet}}'''.
''Iridescent Head'' does not stack with Add-ons increasing the ''Hatchet'' Carrying capacity.
''{{clr|9|"The iridescent glass cuts through flesh and soul."}}''
A copper pin defaced beyond recognition yet polished to a high sheen. Pillaged from a particularly difficult prey.
* '''{{Values|Slightly increases|+5 %}}''' ''Hatchet'' Wind-up Movement speed.
| Soldier's Puttee =
A wrap taken from a dead soldier, it provides protection and support to the ankle and lower leg.
* '''The Huntress''' moves at '''{{clr|2|4.6 m/s}}''' whenever she is out of ''Hatchets''.
| Lifeguard Whistle =
A rusty, metal whistle that once ruled the Hawkins public pool.
* Survivors near activated Portals are indicated by ''[[Killer Instinct]]'' without having to charge ''Of the Abyss''.
* Survivors under the effect of a Portal suffer from the '''''{{IconLink|Exhausted}}''''' '''Status Effect'''. Once out of contact with the Portal, this effect persists for '''{{clr|2|5 seconds}}'''.
''{{clr|9|"Emits a strong electromagnetic field: it must have come into contact with the Upside Down." — Hawkins National Laboratory}}''
| Rotten Pumpkin =
Pumpkin flesh infected by the rotten soil in Hawkins.
* '''Increases'''Traversing the total[[Upside numberDown]] ofwill availabledestroy Portals bythe '''1Portal''' you entered.
''Rotten Pumpkin'' grants an additional '''{{clr|2|200 Bloodpoints}}''' for traversing the Upside Down.
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