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| type = '''<big>About the descriptions used on the ''Dead by Daylight'' Wiki</big>'''
| border = purple
| info = <big>'''{{clr|10|Differences to in-game descriptions}}:''' It is this Wiki's philosophy that any information providedit provides to the knowledge-seeking Players of ''Dead by Daylight'' should be asis easily understandable asand possibleaccurate.<br>It Theis for this reason that the Wiki Guardians therefore take the liberty to rephrase and/or reword descriptions, inand casesbring ofthem the actualin effectline differingwith fromhow the descriptionUnlockables (e.gactually work.<br>The timemain vsmotivation speed)here orare indescriptions casesthat ofare theambiguous originaland phrasingrequire beingadditional sub-optimalexplanations, makingor itwhose potentiallyeffects difficultwork todifferently understanddepending withouton additionalthe explanationmodifier used (e.g. time vs. speed).
'''{{clr|17|Mouse-over Support}}:''' <br>On desktop browsers, the Wiki supports mouse-over functionality for the modifier words used in the description of most [[Unlockables]]descriptions ('''{{clr|1|slightly}} / {{clr|2|moderately}} / {{clr|3|considerably}} / {{clr|4|tremendously}}''').<br>HoveringEither overputting them with yourthe cursor willover revealthese thewords valuesor behindhighlighting thosethem modifierswill (Macreveal Userstheir mayactual needvalue(s) toin highlighta thetooltip modifier words)pop-up.
<s>On mobile browsers, the values are displayed in small text after the modifier words.</s><br>''{{clr|8|(Unfortunately, Desktopthis usersis experiencingcurrently issues with the mousenon-overfunctioning may temporarily switchdue to mobile view at the bottommove offrom anGamepedia Articleto pageFandom.)}}''
}}<br><noinclude>[[Category:Notice templates]]</noinclude>
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