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<!--The Afterpiece Tonic-->
| Bottle Ofof Chloroform =
A sweet-smelling organic compound with strong anaesthetic capabilities.
* '''{{Values|Moderately expands|+20 %}}''' the ''The Afterpiece Tonic'' Gas Area of Effect.
* '''{{Values|Moderately increases|+20 %}}''' the ''The Afterpiece Tonic'' Gas Spread velocity.
| Cigar Box =
A grim and incomplete collection of fingers. Fills The Clown with longing and focuses his anaestheticchemical crafting abilities.
* When a Player becomes ''Invigorated'', they see the {{IconLink|Auras}} of all other Players within a radius of '''{{clr|2|16 metres}}'''.
* '''{{Values|Slightly expands|+10 %}}''' ''The Afterpiece Tonic'' Gas Area of Effect.
* '''{{Values|Slightly increases|+10 %}}''' ''The Afterpiece Tonic'' Gas Spread velocity.
* '''{{Values|Slightly increases|+0.5 seconds}}''' Blurred Vision effect duration.
| Spirit of Hartshorn =
A pungent chemical compound consisting of ammonia. One whiff is enough to jolt even the most sluggish of minds.
A volatile organic compound used for anaesthetic purposes.
* '''{{Values|Moderately increasesexpands|+0.6620 seconds%}}''' Intoxicatedthe Effect''Afterpiece durationAntidote'' Gas Area of Effect.
* '''{{Values|SlightlyModerately expandsincreases|+1020 %}}''' the ''The Afterpiece TonicAntidote'' Gas Area ofSpread Effectvelocity.
| Ether 15 Vol% =
A highly volatile organic compound, toxic at this concentration.
* '''{{Values|Considerably increases|+1 second}}''' ''Intoxicated Effect'' duration.
| Flask of Bleach =
A potent chemical which causes irritation, burns and lung damage.
* ''Intoxicated'' targetSurvivors sufferssuffer from an extra '''{{Valuesclr|moderately2|+5 %}}''' frompenalty anto extrathe '''''{{IconLink|Hindered}}''''' penalty'''Status Effect'''.
| Garish Make-up Kit =
Some for the face and some for the Tonic''Antidote''. The dilutedunknown make-upcompound sticks tointensifies the lungs''Antidote's'' effect.
* '''{{Values|Moderately expands|+20 %}}''' ''The Afterpiece Tonic'' Gas Area of Effect.
* '''{{Values|Moderately increases|+20 %}}''' ''The Afterpiece Tonic'' Gas Spread velocity.
* '''{{Values|Moderately increases|+0.66 seconds}}''' ''Intoxicated Effect'' duration.
| Kerosene Can =
A thin and clear combustible liquid which numbs the mind when inhaled.
* ''Intoxicated'' targetSurvivors sufferssuffer from the '''''{{IconLink|Blindness}}''''' '''Status Effect''' for '''{{clr|2|30 seconds}}'''.
| Redhead's Pinky Finger =
The prized pinky finger of a redhead. Faintly fragrant. Tastes of potpourri and varnish.
* While ''Intoxicated'', Survivors that were hit directly bywith a ''Bottle'' of ''Afterpiece Tonic'' suffer from the '''''{{IconLink|Exposed}}''''' '''Status Effect'''.
| Smelly Inner Soles =
A mouldy inner sole which gives much comfort to tired feet.
* '''{{Values|Slightly increases|+3366 % (to the Base Movement speed)}}''' Reloading Movement speed.
| Solvent Jug =
A chemical volatile compound that irritates the respiratory tract, but increases absorption of the ''Afterpiece Antidote''.
* '''{{Values|SlightlyModerately increases|+101 %second}}''' ''The Afterpiece TonicInvigorated'' Gas Spread velocityduration.
* Intoxicated target suffers from the '''''{{IconLink|Exhausted}}''''' '''Status Effect''' for '''{{clr|2|30 seconds}}'''.
An empty bottle, sticky with dried sugar and blood.
* Start with '''{{clr|2|1}}''' extra Bottle of ''The Afterpiece Tonic''.
* Increases ''Bottle'' Carrying capacity by '''{{clr|6|1}}'''.
| Sulphuric Acid Vial =
An odour-less syrupy liquid with high corrosiveness.
* ''Intoxicated'' targetSurvivors sufferssuffer from a '''tremendous'''the '''''{{IconLink|Mangled}}''''' '''Status Effect''' for '''{{clr|2|120 seconds}}'''.
| Tattoo's Middle Finger =
The prized middle finger of a large tattooed man. Has a faint taste of machinery oil.
* The''Intoxicated'' Survivors reveal their {{IconLink|AurasAura}} ofto Intoxicated Survivors are revealed toThe youClown for '''{{clr|2|6 seconds}}'''.
| Thick Cork Stopper =
A sturdy cork fitting The Afterpiece Tonic bottles marvellously.
* '''{{Values|Moderately decreases|-20.5 seconds}}''' Reload time.
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